Akira Nikaido (Shin) - Monochrome Factor


AmeCon 2008




Monochrome factor is such an Awesome manga/Anime that me and Purplemintytea love. I've known about it for quite a few years now, but I didn't know quite what it was till this year when the manga and anime came out. PMT wanted to do a Monochrome factor group for the masqurade this year, so I hurridied round to get it done. I really like Akira's costume. I made the coat by buying a Waist coat and using a skirt pattern to add the skirt to the back. I took quite a while to get thsi right and I had to have my sister help sew it round me for shape. The boots I bought were quite expensive, but They worked well. Tehy werea bit too tall which meant my 3 1/4 length trousers looked liek full trousers, but next tiem i will tack the trousers up a bit mroe to look more accurate. The WIg cost me £30, but was great quality. Unfortunatly all the time we spent trying to style the wig was ruined by the wind on the way to the masqurade, so It didn't look quite as great as it should.

i really enjoyed making and wearing this costume, and I'm already planning to remake it so it's even better.

I was suprised at how many people actually recognised us since it's not been out for that long, but i'm glad we got to do these costume before the mass rush


Kai posted on 12 May, 2008 - 14:27
I've been following Monochrome Factor, Akira's costume is cool :D Good luck~

yami-no-neko posted on 12 May, 2008 - 18:00
Thankyou XD I really hope that I can get the coat made in time. I was gonna try do it myself, but I couldn't find a pattern. PMT wants me to get the costume done sometime this year.

Progress Journal

12th February 2009

Sometimes it; is just best to start again

I really love this costume, but I was in such a rush last year to get it done for the masqurade that I made a botch job. The waistcoast material did not match round the front and back, the material for the skirt part was fraying and cut dodgy, the waist coast did not have the collars on like Akiras, The original shirt was too short, the trousers are too long, and the wig did not work quite right. Basicly I decided that if I wanted to do this costume, I should start from the begining again. I bought a new waist coat, this time the material was the same on the back and front, adn it also had collars on. i bought new material for the skirt that matched up better to the costume and decided to sew it on and then cut the excess after, making sure to fold over the edges so that it didn't fray.

The waist coat had tiny sleves on it , so I had to un pick then and then sew up the waist coat to the lining again. I bought a new shirt which is longer.

Now I just need to add the cross to the shirt, take the trousers up a bit so they actually look like 3 quarter length trousers and making my new blades. I even ordered a new wig so that I can actualy get the hair more accurate. and all this in just two days. I am much happier with the remake of the costume. I just have to finish it up and then it will be done. strangly enough it cost roughly the same ammount of money, probably about £5 more.