Monkey D. Luffy (Standard outfit) - One Piece


AmeCon 2008




Wore this as a trial run (today actually!) to the Bristol International Comic Expo.

When it was decided that we were going to go for a One Piece group, I just HAD to put myslef forward for the role of Luffy! =D

I'm just doing his standard red vest, blue furry shorts outfit, as the version i REALLY want to do is pretty much out of my reach for now (Davy Back Fight!! ONE DAY I will be muscle-suit afro Luffy!)

Planning on making a fair few props to make up for lack of inginuity.


Ino posted on 10 May, 2008 - 23:11
Yay Luffy! I wish I could have seen you at the Comic Expo, I bet it looks fab! Bring on the One Piece group~

Solaria posted on 12 May, 2008 - 17:05
Hooray for Luffy ^^

timpey posted on 26 November, 2008 - 19:44
hehe cool, u should get some streatchy arms or somthin ^^ or an inflatable fist

negativedreamer posted on 2 July, 2009 - 23:23
sweet luffi! no i am nowhere near you guys... i am in the US in Orlando, Florida. If you are not sure where that is, i am a few minutes from Disney World. I wanna hit a European con one day though... everyone seems so chill and awesome!