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Amecon 2012




After a year and a half of waiting, having to rip it apart to try and get it to fit again after losing a stone and a half, mass hand sewing when my sewing machine broke down, I finally got to wear it!

Bought from's new shop. A platinum wig one that has a gorgeous feel to it but did get caught by customs. To be honest it was really thin, and not quite as right for Gwendolyn as I hoped. May look for another.

Made from two layers of foam. Again didn't look quite right so remade them to look better but less accurate to references. Of course, one fell apart as I was putting it in, so frantically fixed with sellotape and tried to keep it out of photos.

Used Mccall's 'Evening Elegance' pattern M4450 to make the top. It wasn't a corset but had the right look to it (and looked pretty easy to follow). Cut out the lining and modified as neccessary before stitching to Duchess Satin. the front was made from pale blue lining, and the corset lace from leather lacing.

Was unsure as how to get the skirt to ruffle and meet up with the corset so went with what I learned from Lillet's pantaloons. 2 metres's of lining plus 2 metres of Duchess Satin stiched together and then giving an elasticated waistband, then very strongly pinned and stitched to the corset. The stitching is very ugly, but its completely hidden by...

The blue layer is Duchess Satin, the silver Satin Back Crepe Cut off 4 inches on 3 sides to make the ruffles, 1 inch after every 2. Wanted to line it but didn't get the fabric so will do that at some point.

I couldn't find a decent thread for the silver layer, and how it lies meant that hemming would be pretty pointless, so instead folded in half and stitched it up so both sides were the same colour.

I 'had' a beautiful pair of easy-to-walk-in heels in this great blue colour that I intended to wear, but they have gone missing. Think I may have donated them to a charity shop by accident due to never getting a chance to wear them. However, liked these shoes so much when I bought them, that I also bought the same pair in black, which is what I use (ironically, these are the same shoes used for Gwendolyn's other outfit too).

Bought from Yanmemory on ebay, the same place I bought Pronyma's gloves. Cut off the hands and stitched them up. Might put some foam in them later to give them that puffed look at the top.


J-Po posted on 18 November, 2010 - 22:40
this looks cute :D

Zomboi posted on 1 December, 2010 - 04:09
It's a really nice dress and well made, it will suit you!

Mighty Odango posted on 1 December, 2010 - 13:16
A shame you couldn't make it! I love how the ruffling on the blue overskirt has come out, it looks lovely.

Luki posted on 1 December, 2010 - 15:04
Thanks, Lillets stupid ribbon prepared me for doing the ruffles here - turned out better than I thought they would.

Progress Journal

29th November 2010

Failure to launch

Well, snow ruined any chance of the ball for me, making it 3 years in a row I've missed it. Will have to make a special effort next year and get the whole weekend for next time.

It does mean I have time to do little bits that got left behind though. I don't like the wig I bought, so I can get a new one, and redo the head ornaments since they don't look quite right. Plus actually stitch the 2 layers onto the skirt and come up with a better way to tie them on (since how the artwork shows them attaching...doesn't really work in reality - least not in any way I can find).

25th November 2010

Getting to the deadline

Gloves have arrived, blue front been unstitched and re-pinned with leather thread placed. will stitch up tomorrow. Have to use invisible thread for the blue (again) much to my dismay, but black will look too tacky and I can't find a good colour of thread to use instead. Still have to make head ornaments and ruffled bustle-thing.

18th November 2010

Failure for Auchi

I knew it wouldn't be done, but tried anyway.

I'm probably gonna have to take the blue section of and redo it for the lacing and to get the pattern right. I'm not happy with it right now.

My practice fabric for the skirt has been sewn up, torn down, sewn up again and then torn down until I'm sick to the teeth of it. Finally reached the point where the skirt is ready to be properly made, so that will at least be finished tonight.

6th November 2010

Making the Corset

Gonna need more Duchess satin for the skirt. Should have seen that coming.

Cut out the lining and satin pieces for the corset top. Need to actually stitch them together - still have to decide if I'm doing the swirl decoration by cutting pieces out, or stitching them on.