Young Yoruichi Shihoin (young captain of squad II, the pendulum swings back arc.) - Bleach




Ok so this is my low maintenance easy cheep cosplay option
Im stealing some stuff from my soifoing (like her captains jacket (that will look a bit short on me) and some arm warmers) the cat suit I originally got to be soifong and base a pattern on but then we recruited a much better soifong so she got the cat suit and homsar modified it a little for her (putting the white round the edge) I originally planed to make it more backless and lower cut, but that hasn’t happened and I don’t think can be bothered to change it as the captains jacket will hide it most of the time, and I have a similar feeling on the whole slits in the side of trouser legs issue. The wig is the most exspesive part but its cheep for a wig (£15 wiv postage) and lovely, could be worn as is but I hope to have a go at putting some proper cure up bits in it,
The main attraction of this is we haven’t found a young yourichi and soifong pair (yet to find any pics of other young soifongs at all) and it should be an easy cosplays to pull off, over before we do the more high maintenance costumes on the following days (in comparison I won’t bother with contact lenses and I wont have to style my own hair) . so in theory its cheep and easy


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