Miku Hatsune (Magnet Version) - Vocaloid2


Amecon 2010




This is the first cosplay I made myself. Considering it's my first go, the main bulk of the cosplay is pretty basic, and there is a lot of room for improvement, but I think in the end it doesn't look too bad.

I made a bodice basically out of a piece of rectangular black fabric. I measured around over my bust, and made it that length + room for hems (and mistakes xD) I then added a sort of darting down the front and back (though the ones at the back didn't go so well). This is done by folding over the piece of fabric until it's the right size for the waist and then sewing it on the inside to give it some shape.

It turned out okay, but since I did leave a little too much allowance it was a little too big for me.

I added an open zip along the back so I can get into it easily, but I did that part at the end once I'd finished the skirt.

The skirt is basic - it's a big circle skirt. It's gathered at the top. I gathered it by stitching it by hand and then pulling it and moving the gathers along so they are fairly equal.

The ruffles were the most annoying part. I heard that you could do it on a sewing machine, but I couldn't work it out so I did it by hand instead. I gathered them the same way as the skirt, but with gathers closer together, and sewed it to the main piece of the skirt on both sides.

I attached the bodice to the skirt by stitching it by hand. At that stage it looked really ruff where they connected, and I had to make a belt anyway.

The belt is just a white strip of fabric with black lace sewn along the center. It has a big bow at the back, which was made with a rectangle of white fabric and then pressed down in the middle with a thin strip of white.

I used starch spray to make the bow stand up. I sprayed it, and then hairdryed it until it was stiff. It kinda worked for a bit but ended up flopping down xD

I made the butterfly headset thingys by cutting out black pieces of card with a craft knife, using a template. It was kind of annoying and I cut myself like an idiot xD I used pieces of pink plastic behind that, and then stuck pink gems to the main parts of the wing.

The headset thingy is made from foam, which I painted the pattern on in fabric paint (I didn't have anything else) but it ended up working alright.

I stuck the wings to a blue headband, about the same colour as the wig. Unfortunately when it came to putting them on at Ame it was a real pain because the pigtails were so thick and it hid most of the wings. But at least they were there xD

So yeah, first made cosplay! It's not so good but I'm glad I did it anyway, I had fun on my sewing machine even though I am like a snail on it >.<

I wore this to the Amecon masquerade and the competition thingy. When I got to the competition I really regretted entering xD Standing there like a lemon in front of all the really experienced cosplayers. Still I guess I'm glad I gave it a go >.< It meant I could get feedback on my first costume anyways.


iFoxeh posted on 22 August, 2010 - 11:58
Kawaii ^-^ Great job (:

MisaMisa posted on 23 August, 2010 - 18:03
Thanks very much ^-^;

Miku Hatsune posted on 17 February, 2011 - 12:34
You have really make the effort, to doing this. This is awesome.

Raye-chan posted on 6 April, 2011 - 20:00
Beautiful cosplay ^_^