hiroto yoshimitsu (enma the god of death)
my original manga (god of death the tears of death)

Cosplayer: peter

Variant: early 16th century

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

no but might enter it in a comp some time

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

28th December 2010: the day of the con i did not keep a very good record of this cosplay but it was truly worth all the agrow i caused me to make it,the day of the collector mania convention 2010 was where i doned it,it was a great day i must say meet spice at the con and meny otheres to tommy,simon ect,the best part of the exsperance was meeting so meny otheres who share the love of this hobby,my hart gose out to all who participat in this truly uneek and somtime crazy method of exspration

amberlovers avatar

amberlovers - 29th September 2010
It's so cool that you've done your own manga... hope to see some pictures soon >_<

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amberlovers - 6th October 2010
Awesome stuff,Looks really traditional and authentic :) I just need to read the manga now!

peter avatar

peter - 7th October 2010
thanks you made my day

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hacwa - 7th October 2010
that full enma costume looks awesome man!
hope to see you at some events!

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seawaterwitch - 11th November 2010
Your hard work is paid ^^v You look great :)

peter avatar

peter - 28th December 2010
thanks for the compliments my friends,i will most probily re-do this at a later date,but all your coments have brought a smile to my face,thanks