Catwoman (Cartoon original grey version) - Batman Animated



Made from dark grey lycra with a moulded face mask covered in black pvc. I used a carnival mask as the base and glued the fabric over it to form the molded face.
The claws are made from miliput molded onto false nails and the boots were a thrift shop find (original 60s gogo boots)
The belt was hand made, using discs of silver plastic over a thrift shop chain belt.
i also wore green contacts.

Berserk667 posted on 18 August, 2010 - 19:29
Wicked that looks amazing

Sillabub posted on 7 October, 2010 - 17:20
Wow! Lovely job on this, it looks fantastic! :D

Anonymous posted on 7 September, 2011 - 11:53
I Love both of your Catwoman costumes,I'm glad so many Female DC and Marvel comic characters,are being brought to life by cosplayers like you! Well Done,Keep Up the Great Work! Stay Safe,Be Happy,Regards nafnamtab

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