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2nd place in over all competition.


This character comes from the Lady Death series of comics. I did this costume with a group of friends who did, lady Death, Jade and Chastity (you can see a pic of all of us on my gallery.)
I wore this at Eclipse convention back in early 2000 i think.
body paint used was either a cheap body makeup at the event, or for the photoshoot, airbrush inks. White contact lenses, fake nails and vampire fangs (which i had custom made)completed the extras. The costume is made from 4 way stretch pvc.The skulls were halloween props customised. The wings are customised plastic props and they are attached to the bodice via invisible straps.
It was a fun costume to do and one that was quickly put together for the group. if i were to do it again, id use latex instead of pvc, the wings would be far bigger to replicate Purgatori's ones and id stick with using airbrush ink as it does not come off.

Petchy-mon posted on 18 August, 2010 - 18:56
I've never read the comics but I've seen her from one of the Iced Earth albums and this looks fantastic. Awesome job =3

RevolverKitty posted on 15 May, 2011 - 23:31
OMG >_>, this is amazing, you make a great Purgatori :)

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