Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach-Anime/Manga




ok well this is mostly a closet cosplay with modifications , even if I had the facilities to make things easily, why sew you own black leggings, when you already have a pair? The black legging and top are from Gap (well the top clams to be , it was form ebay and I suspect its fake or something because it was VERY see-through) orange top also found on ebay, (I would make things if I wasn’t so good at shopping) and the white shoulder were added by me, (yes I can do sewing)
I decided to uses my real hair as its long enough, the purple hair stuff made having the right ‘bangs’ impossible so I was more convincing from the back, I used stargazer UV coloured hair gel and a layer of purple hair spray over the top once that dryer.
The shin pad souse/mechanical boots were the trickiest thing to pull off, I considered a lot of ways of making them, but they also needed to be light, so in the end they were made with card and have an elastic strap (stolen from some shin pads I brought to possibly use as a base for them), so in the end went very basic, and they have been bent and destroyed by wind and wear on the 2 occasions I wore this costume


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