Yoko (bounty hunter) - Gurren Lagann




Something i've been wanting to do for a while, but lacked the motivation for until recently! its part of a group cosplay, so there should be a few of us, each with a different Yoko varient (hopefully!)

Mine is a bit scarier than some of the other varients, especially in October...But oh well, if i freeze, at least i freeze with dignity! wait..


Mangamad posted on 1 November, 2010 - 01:08
Smexy as always, Chii. ^_^b

street-angel posted on 11 November, 2010 - 19:27
Look smexy-fine Jess~

majinmarron posted on 11 November, 2010 - 19:33
as i said when we met you look amazing , totally jealouse of your body ! :3 you make an excelent yoko ! :3

phalor posted on 11 November, 2010 - 19:38
Ack, I wish I had seen this. ;A; You look AMAZING.

No thanks posted on 11 November, 2010 - 19:58
So amazing! I didn't get to see you but i'd been told you were wondering about in this! wish i could have gotten a picture you look fab<3

Inuyoku posted on 11 November, 2010 - 20:50
You looked amazing <3 I took a pic :D

Mimi8D posted on 14 November, 2010 - 19:02
Found you! :D *waves* you looked awesome as yoko! I took a photo of you too :) I was the dark chi from London expo :) Hope to see you again :) x

Rain posted on 17 February, 2011 - 22:04
Love your shoes, very nice cosplay! :)