Fate Testarossa Harlaown (Barrier Jacket Impulse form) - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS


AyaCon 2013




Following the success of my first Fate cosplay, I decided to go ahead with another costume of Fate's. I did mention somewhere that I wanted to make as many Fate costumes as possible because I love all her outfits and Fate is possibly favourite Amine character.

Fate's first barrier jacket in the StrikerS season is possibly my most favourite costume of her's, maybe because I have a thing for pigtails, short skirts with long socks, plus a pretty cool long coat design.

This was suppose to be my first Nanoha cosplay and was pushed back for many Cons, so now I hope to make this costume in time for AyaCon 2013 along with the Zanber. If everything goes well, vdaysnowstorm will be my Nanoha, MysteriousFayth will be Chrono and Spirit_of_the_stage will be Yuno.


Dark_Angel_15 posted on 19 December, 2010 - 23:57
Oh wow she looks cool

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Progress Journal

16th July 2013

Details on the coat.

I have started to add all the details on the coat, so can happily say it's 95% complete.

I have used approximately 6 metres of white bias binding, 4 white round buttons and 2 oval red jewels.

On the bright side, the coat fits me well and very comfortable, however it will kill me in the heat.

14th July 2013

Base coat progress

The base coat was a pain to make because the pattern which I brought only works for the top of the coat and sleeves, however the cuffs, collar and skirt part was done by guess work since I can't find a proper pattern and time is running out. AyaCon is a month away and I will never get this complete if I don't get a move on, especially since I have to work full time.

I can't say I am fully 100% satisfied with the base, but at least this still works and it fits, so next will be the more fun and easy part which is adding the white bias binding and details.

6th May 2013

Bardiche progress 1

Just started to make the Bardiche. Sadly I may not have time or money to make the Zanber, but can only hope.

I brought a clear Christmas bobble from Paperchase on a "3 for 2" sale, costing £1.50 each, so went ahead and brought 3 since I plan to make all forms of the Bardiche and Raising Heart, hence I will need loads of sphere shaped objects. Ideally, I wanted a clear or opaque yellow bobble to save the hassle and mess, but sadly I could not find one available, so had no choice but to buy a clear one and paint it.

I have choosen to use glass paint since it gives the best effect for a smooth surface. Also, it dries transparent, so if I ever got the chance, money or skill, I will attempt to make this light up!

15th April 2013


I made the skirt without a pattern because I did not find a suitable pattern online or in the shops, so rather spend more time searching, I jumped in the deep end and attempted to make a head start.

Skirt is made from cotton drill and the red details are some scrap fabric left over from my Rachel Alucard cosplay. I can't say I am 100% happy with the skirt result because I have made the red parts and yellow triangles too big and I can not adjust to correct this error.

Since I have plenty of spare fabric, I will plan to remake after when I finish the coat and cape.

2nd April 2013

In the wash

The worst thing when your making a cosplay from black colour-fast fabric is when the costume will consists of some white parts. I took this in consideration, so when I almost completed the base of Fate's coat of her barrier jacket, I hand washed the base by soaking and rinsing in warm water several times until the water is almost clear. Gawd, the water literately turned black at the first time! Since the water is not 100% clear, I might go through this process 2-3 more times again.
*Looks at time...... 4:15am*
Can't believe I stayed up this late to wash a WIP cosplay which took hours to go through this process, but should be well worth it as it will stop dying the white binding and white cape.
For now, I am leaving the coat to dry and depending how tired I feel - I should give it another wash, then add the white bindings and/or work on the cape & skirt.
At least I don't have to work until Wednesday morning, so have plently of time to rest.

23rd March 2013

Base coat

This is my test pattern for the base of the black coat, however I might as well use this for the final piece if it looks good after ironing though will need some alterations and need to add the collar, plus buy fabric for the lining etc.. Ignore safety pins and the fraying fabric. I still need to hem and sew everything together properly, but you get the just of it.

My first time making a long coat and the hardest part is probably the skirt thing because could not find a suited pattern, so I cut out the fabric by guess work!

9th March 2013

Figure References

My Fate figma and figure for my main references. I tend to like to use figures as reference as opposed to the original artwork because of the 360 degree angle, 3D image and you get to see the volume of the costume. Artbook references can be inconsistent!
I especially like figmas as a main reference due to being able to pose the figure in a certain way to see other parts of the costume.

9th March 2013

Practice pattern pieces for the coat

I was debating whether I should 1) make the coat as one long one OR 2) seperate the top coat from the skirt cape thing which will make things easier however it will be a bit inaccurate compared to option 1 though the red belt will cover this feature so no one will know. After messing around with some patterns, I am going ahead with option 2. I used my Fate figma as my main reference for a good 360 degree angle. The top jacket will consist up to 8 pieces to construct which makes everything more difficult to predict the shape of the skirt by trying to combine 8 pieces (since the coat is in an unsual shape, it will be mainly guess work) and besides I think the skirt will look better as one piece as opposed to 8 pieces when I look at both my Reinforce and Hayate skirt cape thing.

Photo details - This is just a test piece of the coat. It took hours to study the reasonable pattern which I was scared to try out. It works but will require some adjusting, especially to the front centre panel. Since my practice piece is made from a suitable fabric and works, I might use this as my final piece though will need some major ironing and see if it works with adding lining and facing.

23rd August 2012

Possible pattern?

Admittingly I hate using patterns because I am a very weird size and no matter pattern I use, I will always end up spending too much time altering patterns. Since, I have no clue how to make Fate's coat & top to a reasonable fit without a pattern, I guess this leaves myself with no choice. The cape, skirt and bottom part fo the coat can be made without a pattern provided I make the right pattern choice by guess work.

Since Fate's coat design is very unsual, it would be difficult to find a perfect match pattern, so I sourced several coat designs online and found a Burda coat pattern in which the front and collar is perfect match, though will have to make a couple of alterations, especially to the bottom of the coat.

Cost £3.70 + £0.85 Postage = £4.55