Spirit Deathscythe - Soul Eater


Amecon 2010


Yet another group cosplay. I really like Spirit, even though he's a bit of a muppet.

Green shirt from Slaters with my normal suit and shoes. Sewing the crosses through the collar was surprisingly tough! The tie I made from some lovely satin I found by taking apart an old unwanted tie and copying (and recycling the tie filling). I added a bit of cardboard "boning" to hold the cross-piece up - not sure how I could better have approached that piece, since there are currently a couple of small raw edges showing at the corners. The wig (from Cosworx) ended up being a bit too short, which was quite disappointing - especially after I'd had to pay £11 just to get Royal Mail to give me the damn package. It was also very enthusiastic to escape my head - although it may be less so once I use the wig panel advice on it.

Anonymous posted on 23 August, 2010 - 17:41
no good pictures of this yet? the wig looks supper cute

Anonymous posted on 25 August, 2010 - 15:47
ok so you know what you said about nats kid wig, well i rembered last nigth, my tusubaki is mirror image too, coz the dress i based it on wraped the other way round so i put the slit in the left side not right, and the same for the star (just finished that and the whit arm warmers), how i wear the belt, and the sock... and if we reversed pics we woudl be perfect, and if you havet restyled the wig from cosworks didnt the bang curve the worng way anyway? but this plan has been shattered by teling nat, whos going to re do the whole wig, i will be a mirror image alone...

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