Saotome Alto (School Uniform) - Macross Frontier


Amecon 2010


Another group cosplay here, although the rest of the group's costumes have yet to arrive - I identify quite strongly with Alto; he's almost as useless as I am when it comes to people!

This is mostly a closet cosplay - trousers were drivers' trousers from eBay (the only ones I could find in the right colour). Shirt is a surplus M&S one, also from eBay, with the shoulders added and the school logo appliquéd on. Unfortunately I was on a tight schedule for this one, so I had to buy the shoulder fabric before I had the trousers, hence the mismatch between them. The appliqué on the pocket leaves a lot to be desired (as does the shape of the pocket, if you're picking nits) but I think I've improved on Shunsui's. The shoes are my normal everyday brown shoes, which I had repaired especially (they were falling apart). The tie is yet another eBay purchase (hence the imperfect shade and shape) with ribbon attached (the only ribbon in remotely the right colour was far too wide, so had to trim and fold - leading to massive frayage, especially since the folds were so small and fiddly). The wig was a Chinese eBay purchase, and wasn't as nice as Tōga's, but did the job quite nicely - it needs some more products to get the front to hang in the right shape though. The tie at the back is cord with the cotton tassels glued on with strong PVA on the morning the costume was worn - amazingly they were still there at the end of the day! The colours didn't match sadly and it looked a little curtain-esque.

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