Kiryuu Touga (Non-combat anime version) - Revolutionary Girl Utena


Amecon 2010

Ball King at Amecon 2010


Tōga: the guy you love to hate, and Dios's favourite sex toy. As with many of my cosplays, I chose him to fit in with a group, this time of Utena cosplays - and I much prefer his anime appearance to the version in Adolescence of Utena.

The jacket was a semi-improvised cross between a kimono and a normal jacket: I had to do it in a rush, so didn't want to be cutting out loads of jacket panels, so used the technique from my kimono book of getting a long strip of fabric and half-cutting it in half for the front opening. I did use normal jacket sleeves (from a jacket pattern I bought for Starrk), though. Lined in white for extra comfort, sealed up with red bias tape, and closed with hooks and eyes (added in a hotel in Crewe) and some safety pins (because I didn't have enough hooks and eyes to stop it gaping on my belly). The collar could have been better (I used a rectangle rather than a shaped piece for simplicity, but that left some slack fabric which had to be folded over - fortunately Tōga's epic hair hides it) and the back has an awkward hang on it where the fabric and lining don't match properly (again, hair hides it well). Shoulder attachments showed me once again that fabric boxes don't end up shaped like boxes, and the embroidery on the top left a little to be desired; beads were attached to the lovely cord with epoxy resin and then painted yellow to match the shoulder pieces. These were just pinned in, so I can re-do them without taking apart the entire jacket.

The trousers were simple military-type ones, and the wig was found on eBay (and was surprisingly high quality) and hacked at by TyraelsWings to give it the right shape. (Thanks to the wig panel 3 hours before I wore the costume, I was able to make the wig stay on my head, too!) Shoes were just my normal smart(ish) black shoes. The costume could do with some mascara if I ever get over my fear of make-up.

Best part of wearing the costume has to be becoming King of the Amecon Ball - with the messy shoulder pads and dicky back there was no way I expected my amateur costume to make a splash at a ball full of expert cosplayers! I may have looked (as Redkun put it) and felt like a "deer in headlights", and completely embarrassed myself with my attempts to dance, but I was still flattered and honoured to be chosen!

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