Eleanor Kettle - Steampunk Lolita

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My job is a post boy or girl, carrying a bazooka with your letters.

I am unsure if I want to do this for Ayacon. I have other Lolita ideas at the moment.

01/06: Unfortunately, I won't be making this this year. I'm predicting this would be rather expensive. And I was planning to do this at Kitacon IV? Yeah, that's not going to happen =/


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Progress Journal

Rough designs (Posted 2nd November 2010)

The outfit will be for Ayacon (which is next year August) and already thinking of a design. Will resume research and buy materials after the May MCM Expo.

Ideas =D (Posted 6th October 2010)

Myself and Rei were looking around Camden market and found many leather accessory stalls that could be good with the original outfit. There was one stall specialized in custom made corsets, ohohohoh. So many ideas for this were flying! But still, better to do a thorough investigation of Lolita and Steampunk...