Rinoa Heartilly - Final Fantasy VIII


Amecon 2010


Rinoa Heartilly's main costume. I first attempted this at Ayacon 2005.... it was the second costume I had ever made and needed A LOT of work. The duster, the arm warmers and the black top are the same as the ones I used back then but I've redone the middle blue skirt, put zips in the shorts and actually put black laces in my boots!.

Hardest bit was sewing zips into lycra.... shudder...and it turned out that I made the denim skirt thing too big which meant some last minute modifications, if I wear it again I shall take it in.

It was a lot of fun to wear as Fyria joined in as Selphie, Safe for panda's was Seifer and DDR was Zell. Having made most of the Seifer and Zell costume it was alot of fun to have 3 costumes on show at once.

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