Arthur Pendragon - Merlin (BBC)



Ahh, this is what happens when I get bored.
That wig is the best wig I've ever owned. Ever.
Versatile man.
I don't know if this is a closet cosplay, seeing as the shirt is one of my Merlin shirts.
So technically, it's actual cosplay?
(Don't expect anything more than this. Chainmail, I don't think so. . .)

WhatsersCosplay posted on 18 August, 2010 - 14:30
That's awesome :D Are you going to have to keep the magic secret from yourself now? :o

Valentine_x posted on 18 August, 2010 - 15:04
xD I'm sure I'll manage. I'll just knock myself out before I cast a spell. ^_^

ladywhitetiger posted on 18 August, 2010 - 18:50
Arrgghhh, Merlin AND Arthur? No fair XD It's awesome you could just stuff you already had though :P

Valentine_x posted on 19 August, 2010 - 01:15
XD I'm working my way through the whole cast! I'll be making one of Morgana's dresses soon. Then I'll totally be all on Gaius. 8D

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