Arthur Pendragon
Merlin (BBC)

Cosplayer: Valentine_x

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

WhatsersCosplay avatar

WhatsersCosplay - 18th August 2010
That's awesome :D Are you going to have to keep the magic secret from yourself now? :o

Valentine_x avatar

Valentine_x - 18th August 2010
xD I'm sure I'll manage.
I'll just knock myself out before I cast a spell.

ladywhitetiger avatar

ladywhitetiger - 18th August 2010
Arrgghhh, Merlin AND Arthur? No fair XD
It's awesome you could just stuff you already had though :P

Valentine_x avatar

Valentine_x - 19th August 2010
I'm working my way through the whole cast!
I'll be making one of Morgana's dresses soon.
Then I'll totally be all on Gaius.