Saraphina (Formal Version) - Harry Potter


Amecon 2010




Saraphina, an OC from the Harry Potter universe. Basically, she is a Siren and was recruited to Gellert Grindelwald to his "Elite". His Elite fought against Albus and the Ministry prior to Voldemorte's uprising. It started as a peaceful fight, all through politics until one of the Elite were killed. Then all out war broke out.

Saraphina was then captured and help captive beneath Azakaban prison, in a cell beneath the water that was soundproof so no one would hear her song.

At the ball, she will be there with her husband, Dagna Farrell (eXpatient) and Senka (thedevilwearswhite), both were also part of the Elite. Dagna is a potions expert and Senka a spell smith.


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