Ardjet - Zone of the Enders 2





I've seen some other people doing ZoE Orbital Frames.
Hopefully will be able to do them all at the same time, but i understand people have different priorities.

Anyhow, I'll be slowly doing this one, and hopefully it will be ready for May 2011 and hopfeully for a ZoE group.

People who I know have a planned Orbital Frame are
Shiro Hana - Jeehuty
Demented Kid - Anubis
montblanc - Neith


kiichan posted on 11 August, 2010 - 16:49
Oooooh pretty! Enjoy your stilletos! :P

k4tt posted on 11 August, 2010 - 18:53
lol. I'm still attempting to design how the feet/legs are going to be. Hopefully if I design a feasible construction, I may be able to push that design for the other ZoE cosplayers here ^__^

Ragepotato posted on 11 August, 2010 - 20:08
Prepare for some savage leg humpage 8D -Phi

Progress Journal

11th August 2010


One of the most questions I'm gonna get asked about these Orbital Frames is "How the hell are you gonna do the legs"
Well, i have some ideas that range from using clear acryllic platforms (but this might be uncomfortable and dangerous), or go for the slightly safe approach of using reflective film to wrap around the side and back of where my feet will be.
This will hopefully give it the effect that the rear part of the foot is floating as the idea is to reflect the carper/floor colours around the base of the foot. Either way, it's going to be a challenge to try and keep the design as close as possible to the real thing. Fingers Crossed. I'll be doing this bit by bit