First - Edition Heart
Alice in Wonderland

Cosplayer: Om_nom_nom

Variant: Steam Punk

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

1st October 2010: Shorts WIP This is the first time i've made shorts/trousers. I used elastic around all rims which i Threaded through and sewn to both ends of teh seem. The Zip was sewn down middle before seems were sewn. I used basic pattun from an old pair of none streachy trousers, folded and drawn round.

ZOMBIEfurby avatar

ZOMBIEfurby - 9th August 2010
Ooo I like the design 83 Can't wait to see more progress~

- avatar

- - 9th August 2010
Great design. Can't wait to see progress.

Om_nom_nom avatar

Om_nom_nom - 9th August 2010
Thank you! ^^

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 17th August 2010
The design looks intriguing!
Steam Punk designs are excellent, can't wait to see some progress

Batshiz avatar

Batshiz - 1st October 2010
Looks fantabulous <3

Om_nom_nom avatar

Om_nom_nom - 1st October 2010
Batshiz; Cogs cogs, we love cogs 8D

My_roadofblood; Awh thank you so much!

ZOMBIEfurby avatar

ZOMBIEfurby - 3rd October 2010
-steals and runs off with-
Mine now >D