Lulu - Final Fantasy X




This was my first cosplay, and although there is a lot of it Id do differently in retrospect, I think its OK. Ive sown a couple of tops and things for fancy dress before, but never anything fully, and I had to do it by hand, since I didnt have a machine.

Hair - I used my own hair for, as its quite long, and seemed to work well - except for my fringe - it didnt like being in a sideparting at all! The chopstick things in my hair I made from painted bamboo kebab skewers and salt dough. I also made the beads in the ends of my braids with salt dough.

Necklaces - Again made from painted salt dough, on beading wire.

Dress - I used a quite heavy black cotton mix material. The detailing was made from white pvc, which i cut out and attached to the skirt and sleeves (the small section above the belts changes from MCM to the other conventions as I redid it). I made the top and skirt seperatly. For the top I attached the sleeves and fur to a very thin top and wore a corset (the only part I didnt make) over the top. The skirt I made with the front panel missing, and then attached a seperate panel, containing all the belts on itto the inside. SOme of the belts I backed in cardboard to help maintain the shape (as I used quite a few pleather belts, on the back ones to reduce the weight of the panel). However I had to repair the skirt everytime I wore it as the weigh kept pulling the belt panel off the main skirt.

Moogle - I hadnt finished this by the time I went to MCM but it made an appearance at the others. I made this from a baby's teddy bear I butchered! I reconstructed the face and ears, made a new nose for it, and removed the eyes and gave him the crosses. I made the wings from chicken wire covered in material. I also added a cloth pouch inside, and a zip up his back so that he can be used as a bag! - Hes definatly my favourite part of the costume!


Nomes posted on 8 August, 2010 - 20:03
Moogle with hitler tash!

Aks100 posted on 8 August, 2010 - 22:17