Dlanor A Knox - Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru


I love the little "murder doll" <3 I love her awesome coat!

This costume took many months and after much hard work and frustration finally got finished. I am VERY happy with my golden arm! Its extremely durable. I used craft foam and worbla after making a full size paper pattern first. This has been my most difficult and challenging costume yet especially since I have never made a proper prop before.

Wig comission by Gender Confused Cloud

Huuge thank you to Tsuchinoko for an amazing photoshoot! <3

Lady Bahamut posted on 4 February, 2016 - 21:46
You look epic <3 Really love the arm! It's amazing you could get your actual arm into it! :D

18th July 2015


I've been very busy! Scallops on main coat are done (still need to add the white ones). Sewed the coat lining. Currently working on the trouser legs.

15th February 2015

Change in Schedule

Lined double puff sleeves are done. Not making the white sleeve cuff yet. Next step is to decide on the shape of the scallops and their size. I've made the decision to move this costume to Oct 2015 MCM Expo in London as I do not have enough time to finish it for May as planned.

14th January 2015

Puff Sleeves

I'm now working on this properly and trying to do a bit each week. I haven't lined a puff sleeve before so gota get that done first. My first test puff looks good :)

13th December 2014


Currently fixing my coat darts. I really want to complete this by May 2015. After darts is the double puff sleeves.

30th July 2014

No Progress lol

The coat is giving me grief and I should really make a paper pattern for the arm..or hat..or something 0_o" #lazy

19th May 2014

Planning Stage

I've probably bought way too much fabric but it's best in case I have any accidents XD I'm editing a nightgown pattern to get the coat shape and will need to make practice sleeves. I'm vaguely looking into craft materials for the gold arm at this stage.

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