Arthur Kirkland/England (Military/injured) - Axis Powers Hetalia


I've promised the Anglo-alliance with a friend whos doing Japan's Military uniform.
Hurr more Tsunder Iggy for the list I guess.... Rather tempted to twist this cosplay up with headbandage since I'll have extra blood from my Inuyasha cosplay e___e;; I don't know yet.

Wig wise - I can see this being a rather long experiment finding and seeing what I'm happy with .style.length and colour-wise. I've gone for a light colour like the anime for now~

Those Caterpillars- Urgh eyebrow Pencil experiment seemed magical enough C:

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brownie belt

Total cost: £0.00

8th January 2011

Military stuffffs.

So army stuff arrived. Just browne belt, tie, boots & maybe new wig >_>;

3rd December 2010


Huurr I don't know if I'm overly happy with wig I've got for England. May ditch it & get a new one thats not so light and use this one for TK (digimon second season)

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