Alice Abernathy (Extinction) - Resident Evil


Outfit worn at LFCC 2011 with a friend as Claire Redfield.

I chose to make it because I've long loved the RE films, and I wanted to cosplay from them, especially as Alice. While talking to my friend about this we agree one day to cosplay together, and as she hadn't seen any of the films I had the idea that she should be Claire based on her hair. After seeing the most recent film I was torn between these two designs but eventually the fact that my friend had only seen Extinction sealed that we would be doing the Extinction versions.

The hardest part was the holsters, as I designed and sewed them by myself in roughly two days. They eventually broke and need refurbishment, but I'm proud of them. The easiest part was by far the shorts, as I only needed to add belt loops at the bottom to stop the belts slipping too far down.

From making this I learnt more about the order in which to sew things together and that curling wigs is very hard. It was fun to wear it but the holsters and wig somewhat ruined it.

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Cut wig
Curl wig
Darken wig
Cut shirt in half
Add snaps to shirt
Cut gloves
Add belt loops to shorts
Add strap to holsters
Cover holsters in green fabric
Cut tights
Paint guns
Shoulder length blonde wig
Brown shirt/cardigan
Green shorts
Green belts x 2
Brown tights
Green (fingerless) gloves
Gun holsters +guns x 2
Green fabric

Total cost: £0.00

11th July 2011


I'm marking this complete despite still having things to do to it as the basic outfit is done, and any changes would be refurbishments based off when I have time and money. Pictures coming soon.

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