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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

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CosIsland Showcase 10/02/13

Showcased 10th February 2013

2nd April 2013: Dress 90% All I have left to do is to sew in a hook and eye at the top of the zip, sew in some buttons and then make the metal bits and I am doooone!
And unpick a random seam I did in the collar because I thought if I did that it would make it look more authentic looking but I can't sew straight lines to save my life and there's no interfacing in it because it's cotton, not polycotton, so it didn't need it, so it's literally just a random seam in the middle of the collar... Yeaaaaah...

Basically all the sewing machine jobs for the dress is done. I need to make some new boot covers but I'll do that another day.

1st April 2013: Dress 60% I'm taking a short picture break because I have to change the thread on the sewing machine... I hate changing the thread so it has become a bit of a long break :P

The boob bit is pinned on for the time being. Just so that I can mark out the pattern for the white collar bit as then I can stitch the boob bit to the collar bit, sew the remaining bias binding to the edges of the boob bit and then finally join it together with the skirt bit.

I love having a dress form. So much easier to make patterns!! The boob bit fits so much nicely now too~ *O*
Best purchase eveeeeer!!

1st April 2013: Dress 40% I don't know if it's because I'm really out of practise or if it's because I'm ill but trying to figure out how to sew an invisible zip took me like... 3 tries... I thought it should be like riding a bike - once you learn, you never forget, apparently not :P

Took the whole dress apart and took it in. Because my body had to be annoying and lose weight on me, why would you do that!? D:
Now I have to make some more bias binding (I'm hoping I have enough black cotton spare...) and then sew it onto a new boob thing.

Because hot glue doesn't come off polycotton very well and the white collar bit was polycotton, I have to remake that as well ;;____;;

May as well call this a new cosplay OTL.

23rd September 2011: Boot covers 2 I haven't glued them onto the shoes yet because they're my favourite going out shoes if I want to go for comfort, so I'll glue them on closer to the time :P

But yeah, sewed on all the detailing! The bias binding is fake (it's just a wide strip of fabric, not even cut on the bias XD) because the bias binding I bought was a slightly different shade of yellow. It's all straight lines though so I didn't need proper bias binding, yippee!

All the sewing is now done... Booo that means only prop work left ;___;

I included the time taken in the previous journal.

23rd September 2011: Bolverk progress 5 All the details are glued on now! (On one side XD; )

Including the little triangle on the handle, the triangle in the little rectangle bit and the three circles on the bottom!

Little triangles are foam board and the circles are plastazote.

I need to varnish this side (once I get my dad to open the lid XD), let it dry then retouch and glue all the detailing on the other side and repeat and then it's officially done! :3

Another journal coming right up;

Time Taken: 2hrs

22nd September 2011: Bolverk progress 4 For once I am doing progress in natural light, woooo! So you get shiny proper camera quality pictures LOL.

Painted all the detailing. I ran out of red and black acrylic and was too cheap to buy more because I've already gone way over my estimation on how much this cosplay would cost (I wanted it under £50 ;___; ) so I am skimping out on paint LOL. I used Dylon fabric paint instead, left over from my Shaman King cosplays :P

Nothing is actually glued on yet, but as they were dry I decided to test it out by placing them and thought I'd take a picture too. I kept touching the guns with my painted cover hands hence the occasional smudge mark, one more layer of paint and I can glue and varnish everything!!

All the detailing is made from additional foam board and fun foam.

I've almost finished the boot covers too, I'll take a photo later tonight when I have motivation to make them :P

EDIT: I forgot to say, you can see the headband metal thing too! It's not evenly painted I know, I was actually using it as a palette for the time being so it will be repainted soon LOL.

Time Taken: 2hrs

20th September 2011: Dress detailing IS ALL DONE. Well, all the sewing bits. I've painted all the metal bits (except the chest ones, I forgot about them), they just have to be hot glued on once I get the hot glue gun out again.

I have a million pricks on my fingers to prove why I hate little detailing :P (I swear it took me longer to pin it than it did for me to sew it)

I have actually made both arm bands but I couldn't be bothered to wear both. The clay is still drying on them anyway so I thought I'd try and cause minimal damage if any :P

I have gained so much weight over the Summer holidays ;___; Need to loser that belly fat before Expo otherwise I will look horrendous XD;

I've started pinning the boot cover detailing too. I can't seem to find the other boot cover though, really not helpful :x
I'll try and post pictures of the boot covers tomorrow maybe? Idk.
The beret is now done and painted, just got glue on the metal bit then I can tick it off the to-do list.

I am nearly there, roughly 80% finished, woohoo! :)

Time Taken: 2hrs

19th September 2011: Dress update I fixed the black boob bit slightly. It was very ill fitting so I just made a new one and it now fits nice and snuggly! THIS MAKES IT EVEN HARDER TO GET ON THOUGH XD

I'm still contemplating on putting in a hidden zip... But atm I cba, I can still get it on and off without so I'm going to make the most of it :P

I actually cheated a little. The black bit was a bodice I made ages ago just to practise making bodices. I cut it up loads and kept pinning it to my costume and then there you have it! There are like a million darts in it though as I couldn't get it that fitted without orz.

One of these days I will sew on the detailing XD;

Time Taken: 1hr

19th September 2011: Armbands I have to thank BeautifulRose on deviantART for the amazing idea of using tubing to get the movement similar to how it is in the game. I disliked it when people used ribbon even though that's pretty much what it was, I did think of using gymnastics ribbon but I saw BeautifulRose's cosplay and was completely inspired by what she used. So I take no credit for the tubing idea.

To get the metal hoops I bended wire into the shape and then covered it all in DAS clay. WHY DO I HAVE SO MUCH LEFT!? I really hope I use it all up by this cosplay as I still hate that stuff XD

I'm going to work on all the foam and metal stuff tonight and then hopefully tomorrow I can buy some paint and paint everything silver!
Hopefully I can finish off painting Bolverk too. I'm a bit confused about its design tbh. Need to flick through ref sheets again and come up with a design, they keep changing X____x

Time Taken: 1hr

17th September 2011: Armband progress Look look, I'm doing something useful!
(WTF IS WRONG WITH MY WEBCAM!? It's so cool though... But I'm worried about it's auto level settings, I don't even have green lighting, it should be yellow! XD)

Anyway, both are made by layering up plastazote and hot gluing them together. Oh hot glue burns, how I haven't missed thee. Forgot how crap mine is too, the plastic around it melted... again XD
I forgot about the hat metal thingy, but that's okay because my hot glue gun needs to recover (and reshape itself orz) before I use it again LOL. I need to stop over working it, or buying cheapy £5 ones off eBay, one or the other :P

Just need to stabbity stab a hole in each of them for the hoops to go through and use the remainder of my DAS clay to neaten it up. Then PVA it all up and finally paint it! I'm going to make all the metal stuff before painting it though. I think I have some spray paint leftover from Steiner or I might just buy some acrylic paint. I don't know how long spray cans last??? I made Steiner exactly 3 years ago so I dunno!

Time Taken: 30mins

13th September 2011: Boot covers Both boot covers are sewn up and ready for detailing. I just hadn't made the second one at the time I took this picture, that's all.

Basically pinned the fabric around my leg, used chalk to draw out the shapes and sewed it altogether. There's a zip at the back because it's fitted, pretty much the same thing I did for my original Seth (Trinity Blood) boots so nothing new there.

Not much progress but I'm in a massive cba mood right now, I just want to go watch something and relax but figured I should update this so that I don't forget XD

My plastazote from Coscraft arrived, you can see it in the picture! I've started on the armbands and I've glued it together using impact adhesive. I'd normally use hot glue for foam but it's at home and I was all "GOTTA DO THIS NOW OTHERWISE I WILL NEVER DO IT" because I know how lazy I am, I don't trust myself XD
No pictures of armbands yet. I've only done the inner layer, gotta cut out the outer layers but I've gone into sloth mode orz.

Time Taken: 1hr

9th September 2011: Bolverk progress 3 Used DAS air dry clay to cover the edges as obviously it would look crap if you saw all the layers...

Just some comparison photos and then I painted everything white! I'm too much of a cheapass to buy primer as you can tell :P
(But I will probably varnish it because I hate the texture)
Just two coats of paint so far. Letting it dry (and letting me recover from the fumes, why did I do it in my room!?) completely before adding another coat if need be.

Time Taken: 1hr

9th September 2011: Beret v1.5 New beret! It's much baggier as you can tell from the wig head photo.

It looks like a sack on a head. In the reference picture, it looks like a sack on a head. I think I achieved this :P

Sorry for the spack photos, I just had to! I tried it on on my head first, I could fit my whole head under it... I could have done the same with the wig on but it at least stayed on my head without having to balance it on :P
Wig still isn't styled, I need to buy some grips to keep the ponytail up! Hence why it still doesn't look right.

My webcam likes to mirror photos, I forgot about this. So I was wearing it on the right side!

Time Taken: 30mins??

7th September 2011: Bolverk progress 2 I know these are pretty easy props to make BUT I AM PROUD. FIRST PROP FROM SCRATCH.

All the pieces are glued together using impact adhesive. My bathroom now stinks like hell but the window is open as far as it can with the door shut so hopefully the stink will go away. Yeah, I could have waited till day time to do it outside but I'm a lazy arse and prefer doing cosplay at night :P

Will neaten them up at some point, prime it, then paint. SO CLOSE, YET SO FAR TO FINISHING.

Time Taken: 20mins?

I have no gun discipline yet I know.

6th September 2011: Bolverk progress All the pieces are cut out! I got the measurements wrong when ordering the foam hence why the handle is glued on separately. However it's super strong and at different angles for each pieces so that will help it be less fragile.

Top one shows them all layered together, bottom ones show each individual layer. I was going to use mounting board as a middle piece but I like it without.

Once the three pieces for each one is glued together I will neaten up the edges and then prep it for painting.

On other news, ventured back over to Bristol to visit Fabric Land yesterday. Bought a zip and some more fabric for the boot covers. I can't find any fabric and I'm running out of time, I make a lot of blue cosplays anyway so I can use the leftovers for other things. Boot covers and a new beret will be made soon!

Time Taken: 1hr

5th September 2011: Starting Bolverk 2 I'm sorry it's just a crappy webcam shot. I'm just being lazy. I'll take proper pictures once all the pieces are cut out.

Little test to see how the two layers look like!
I used impact adhesive for the first time. IT IS MAGICAL STUFF. Only I didn't read the warning labels about using it in high ventilated areas so at the moment, my bedroom stinks like hell. I'm a secret solvent abuser apparently OTLLLL.

The two layers aren't stuck together just yet, they need to be neaten up along with the third layer cut out then I can hopefully stick them together!

MY ROOM IS A TIP AND I CAN'T MOVE WITH ALL THESE BOXES AND FOAM ON THE FLOOR OTL. I can't wait til this cosplay is finished 8|

Time Taken: 1hr

2nd September 2011: Starting Bolverk My calculations for the handle was quite off in the diagram but otherwise yeah, this is sort of how it translated to! Now to bulk it up and then hopefully it will look alright. I have no glue to bulk it up though, faaaail XD;

But you get the idea of the base. It's a mounting board base. It's gone up by 50p orz...

And about the beret, I tried it on, and it needs to be way baggier... MY INITIAL MEASUREMENTS WERE CORRECT BUT I THOUGHT IT WOULD LOOK RIDICULOUS AND BAGGY, FFFFF. I should trust my instincts more...

Time Taken: 1hr

Hopefully in an hours time I will have cut out the rest of the shapes and will take a picture of them all layered up so that you get the idea. Or I may not, depends how lazy I am :P

I bought two sheets of craft foam today in town to finally get started on the little diamond shapes, get in!!
Now I need to find my glue gun :| ALL MY TOOLS HAVE DISAPPEARED OTLLLL. (Couldn't even find my craft knife, one I am using belongs to my dad! ;; )

31st August 2011: Beret Not sure if I like it... I'll try it on later today when our shop is closed otherwise I could be called down to help out at any time and I'll be sat there awkwardly with a wig on 8D;

This is actually the wig I'm using but it's not styled yet, it's just in a ponytail so far just so that you get the ideas of the bangs and stuff (although the fringe and bangs are pretty much cut, wahey!)

Time Taken: 30mins

31st August 2011: Planning Bolverk I don't think the picture uploaded is helpful at all to anyone but it's helpful to me damnit XD

I searched everywhere for a pattern to use that was in proportion. I found nothing .____.
So I made my own.

Basically I traced the image from the computer screen onto paper, drew a box around the whole thing and measured the rectangle. Then I continued to measure each important line (if I did too many then it would be ten times more confusing and messy...) so that when I scale it up it should still be perfectly in proportion.

I also measured the length of Noel's arm to the length of Bolverk and divided these two numbers to get the scale factor. Then measured my own arm length and divided this number by the measurement I worked out previously and I got the length of Bolverk.

So Noel's arm length was 5cm, Bolverk was 4.5cm.
5/4.5 = 1.11

My arm length is 66cm (to my first finger joint as that's what I measured Noel's to).
66/1.11 = 59.4cm
This is the length of the rectangle.

Measured the box for my sketching which was 9.6 x 2.5cm. Did 9.6/2.5 = 3.84. Used this figure to get the width of my life size width which was 15.5. So my life size border for Bolverk is 59.4 x 15.5cm.

I did 59.4/9.6 (divided the length of my life size model and my sketch) to get the scale factor for each individual length in my sketch. Scale factor is 6.1875.

Call me stupid but I don't like using angles, I prefer using right angle triangles hence why there are no angles in my diagram.

Progress pictures aren't really helpful to anyone else probably. But maybe it'll help people go about their own way of making it?

Ignore the black dotted box around the yellow box. I was being stupid and didn't think to trace it at the time xD

When I'm a bit more alive and awake tomorrow (hopefully my foam will arrive!) I will take pictures of the different shapes I make.

Time Taken: 30mins

There is a probably much easier way of making this in proportion (LIKE BLOWING UP THE REFERENCE PICTURES AND TRACING... LITERALLY THOUGHT OF THAT WHILST TYPING THIS JOURNAL) but I like maths so it's all okay :P
I'm sorry if this journal didn't make sense. I need sleep...

30th August 2011: Update! I'm sorry there's no picture. There's not enough progress worth taking a picture. Unless you want pictures of the sleeves without all the pins :P

But yeah, I've finally sewn on the yellow trim for the sleeves. Had to hand sew it as there's so much fabric! (4-5 layers) I don't want another broken needle to deal with!

So that's the sleeves done, I'm trying to source down all my blue fabric as some of it seems to have gone walkies. Can't make boot covers without it! I can make a start on the beret though, maybe you'll see progress on that later tonight if I can be bothered to draft out patterns. I need to style the wig, wear it and then measure self with the wig on before making the beret though and the wig needs a wash after wearing it at Ayacon - might just style it roughly for now just so that the beret is done.

Also Bolverk progress! I have decided to make them for Oct Expo after all. Going to do my best to get them done before Uni otherwise I can't have them at all.

I've recently bought 10 A3 sheets of 5mm foam board from eBay, I'm pretty sure it's the thickest you can get. I doubt I'll need 10 but 10 was cheaper than buying 9, and I needed more than 5, so I thought why not! They should arrive tomorrow as I ordered them a few days ago and it's definitely a UK seller.

Need to buy some craft foam too, contemplating on buying 6mm plastazote from Coscraft but it's very expensive and out of stock :x Going to experiment with the craft foam I have (2mm) to see if that thickness is alright, but I doubt it tbh without having to layer loads which I'd rather not do as that could look messy. Although 2mm would be alright for the little diamond shaped pieces probably, as well as the toe caps. It's the arm bands that really need to be thick to support the weight of the dangley bits! (They can get heavy)

Time Taken: 30mins

15th June 2011: PANDA-CHAAAAAAAAN~~~ Not really progress I know LOL OTL.

I don't have enough time to make Bolverk and I wanted a prop so I'm bringing my little panda plushie which strangely resembles Litchi's! I've had this little fella since I was little, although he looks quite new because I gave him a little bath a while back hahaha.


22nd May 2011: Detailing of sleeves 3 ALMOST THERE, BUT I LOST THE NEEDLE LOL OTLLLLL.
Tbh after hand sewing all day I fancy using the machine right now so I'm glad the needle is lost... I should probably find it at some point though in case it's on the floor and myself or one of my parents steps on it 8|

-has no patience whatsoever-

But hey, I should really be working on my London Expo cosplays first so ummm, going to scoot over and make pigtails using the machine now 8'D;;;
-postponing Noel cosplay-

Time Taken: 1hr

But I'm really bent on neatness for the costume so I want it all to be handsewn so that I have better control over the detailings... I SHOULD JUST BUY THIS COSTUME, SO MUCH EASIER 8'|

But yeah, here's one arm almost done. Got to sew on the bias binding on the top then do the whole other sleeve.

... Don't know whether I'm going to handsew the black detailing onto the dress though, we'll see how difficult it is D;
-That or I'm tempted to take it apart and sew it on to save all the hassle... But I lost my seam ripper 8'|-

Time Taken: 1hr

21st May 2011: Detailing of sleeves 2 I couldn't remember the exact detailing of the sleeves so I've just pinned everything in place for now. I was doing this all without the computer being the only reference I had was by looking through the manual and the front and back covers of the game I own... The references aren't that great I can tell you that :P

So yeah, apparently there's a circle ABOVE the yellow detailing. I thought it was below. I'm glad I waited till I went on the computer before doing any cutting to the black fabric :P

There's like a million pins on there because there's a million slits on there to make the curved shape. I hate sewing curves X_________X

Time Taken: Pfffft I dunno, 2-3hrs? A lot of it was done by hand whilst watching TV soooo I got distracted a lot.

21st May 2011: Detailing of sleeves 1 Sewn on the little circles on the top of the sleeve. I traced around a button that was around the same size and then cut about half a centimetre away from it and cut slits in it and then hand sewed it on. I wanted as little yellow thread to appear on the back as possible (yeah yeah yeah, I could have done the detailing before the lining but when you're working at midnight you kinda zone out and don't think about these things XD!)

(more pics to come)

21st May 2011: Base sleeves The top bit was originally a trapezium shape but then it turned out better when it was a straight rectangle soooo I cut it. There's black iron on interfacing at the top bit (which has yet to be ironed but I've stitched it in place anyway) and then everything is lined with black cotton so that it's neat and has more weight to keep its shape better.

I made the lining longer than the sleeve itself so that it can fold over itself for the black detailing so that you see no seam at the bottom.

(More pics to come)

18th May 2011: Pleats resewn in LOOK! PROGRESS!
REEEEEEEEEEALLY want to get this done for Japan Expo so I'm hurrying this >:
If I run out of time then I'll just do long haired version so that I don't have to make the hat. But I really want the hat as well soooo ;A;

Made the pleats bigger, just need ironing now but that'll be the last thing I do as always.

Next up is the sleeves probably. Gotta sew on the black detailing on the dress as well, need to find my hoard of black fabric or buy some more though!

Time Taken: 30mins??

1st May 2011: Base shoes Bought from

I wore them at Kitacon for a whole day and I was fine so hopefully they won't kill me off when I wear them with this costume :P

I haaaate boot covers. Don't know why I insist on making so many, I just do D|

Yeah, going to start working on this again. Need to redo the pleats on the dress as soon as I find it... WHERE THE HECK DID ALL MY COSPLAYS/FABRIC GO LOL!?
This is what happens when you tidy up 8|

14th January 2011: Dress done! Woooo, it's all attached together now and all the pleats are done! (Although now that I've actually tried it on I really wish I had made the pleats longer... THIS IS WHY I NEED A MANNEQUIN D8 Too much effort to unpick it all and replace!)

I've gained a bit of weight over Xmas but hopefully I can lose it again!

Time for the black detailing!
I'm such a twit, I shouldn't have sewn it all dress shape until I had cut out the black detailing orz. WELL HELLO UPCOMING HARD WORK, TIME TO TAKE A BREAK FROM THIS COSTUME AGAIN M'THINKS ORZ.

Time Taken: 1hr

I've lost my seam ripper for over a month now, man this is a pain.

13th January 2011: 50% Pleats done LIKE I SAID, REALLY SLOW PROGRESS. BUT IT'S SOMETHING.

Reason why I said 50% done is because I haven't done the other side yet!! Yeah, I screwed up the patterning. Because the reference picture -really- confused me, and so I cut the slits too narrowly OTL OTL OTL.

Anyway, I basically cut straight slits (I wore the costume then pencilled on where it should start) and sewed in triangles that were slightly longer then trimmed them.

Yeah, don't really look after my costumes very well, I just shove them on a chair and it gets all crinkled up XDDD. Pleats need ironing anyway so I'll iron the rest of it when the costume's 100% finished :P

Time Taken: I don't even know anymore and am just making up stuff with this costume, let's pretend it took an hour! Because I didn't have a seam ripper, and had to take out loads of triangles because I'm a big fat twit like that. (Forgot which way up the fabric was so I cut the triangles too small for some of them and had to unpick them with big fat scissors orz)

5th December 2010: Dress 70%! I've been stopping and starting this costume for ages now. Started with cutting up an old school blouse (Actually it was brand new and just sitting in my wardrobe oTL, IT WAS A NICE ONE TOO, I just had so many school shirts that some were unworn!) and cut up a piece of black fabric, sewed it on then added darts to it.
Oh yeah, I can't do up the white shirt bit just yet because I've made button holes... But I can't find my seam ripper, I fail so much.

I then left that to the side and made the blue and white bits. I didn't have my measuring tape on me, nor do I have a dress dummy... So I was just sticking pieces of fabric to me and used a pencil on the white fabric to draw lines on where it should go outwards and stuff and yeah, my vocab is awesome, and my way of drafting patterns is very professional hurrr :P

The top and bottom aren't quite attached just yet. I was just putting the whole thing together for photos so that I can see if anything needs changing. Once I add on the black bias binding I'll attach the two together!

Time Taken: 1.5hrs??

Please excuse the dirty mirror, and the stickers. I had this when I was little and stuck stickers all over it.

21st November 2010: Base wiiiig~~ Eeeee I bought it! It's so pretty, I want to reuse it for other cosplays hence why I went with the wavy one. It's heat resistant so went tangle to hell like most long wigs do!

Awwwh yeah, accurate long haired Noel ftw! Can't make the hat till I get the wig though otherwise knowing me I'll make it too small orz.

Such a pretty colour~

I swear I get all my wigs from Wig Fever/Glamour/Fashion!

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Freyarule - 5th August 2010
I was wondering when you were gonna put up a BlazBlue cosplay X3

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Solaria - 5th August 2010
Ho yes <3333 *3* Do it NOW xD

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Limegreenjelly - 5th August 2010
=^.^= Tao likes this Good luck shes an awesome character

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yami-no-neko - 5th August 2010
I think you will make a great Noel. Can't wait to see it finished. Blazblue is awesome XD

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Ichigo-Chan - 20th August 2010
Awesome ^^ We must get Rachel and Noel pics together!

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Limegreenjelly - 22nd December 2010
Looking awesome so far ^^ so wish I was going to Minamicon :(

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zabuza89 - 15th June 2011
jin approves =3

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Anonymous - 29th June 2011
can't wait to see this complete :O♥
you'll make such a cute noel~~

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Plasticsharkattack - 29th August 2011
This is will be epic - I love Noel + Blazblue - good luck!! <3

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Natsumi - 1st September 2011
Oh sweet! I love this costume! Good choice can't wait to see it complete!

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- - 4th September 2011
This is going to look amazing in oct!
im loving the dress! you've got the pleats just right!!

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Pandora-Chi - 5th September 2011
The progress of this is amazing!! <3 You are gonna look super awesome!! 8D

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Angel_of_Algebra - 5th September 2011
Yay, BlazBlue cosplay. ^_^ Been watching your progress, looking awesome so far! Can't wait to see pictures of it finished. Gutted I won't be at Expo to see it in person.

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Solaria - 6th September 2011
Dem Bolverks <3333
Seriously cannot wait for this ;-; <3

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Natsumi - 7th September 2011
You should be proud! They look awesome!! :D great progress ^^

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Freyarule - 21st September 2011
Those metal arm bits are looking so good! Cannot wait to see this :D

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yami-no-neko - 23rd September 2011
I love those boot covers they look amazing. I know I struggled with my boot covers for Jin (I have to remake them). reall cool XD

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- - 1st October 2011
I salute you so much for for getting all the done!
Not only that but its perfect! Love it! really love it!

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NatalieNoodles - 3rd October 2011


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Pandora-Chi - 2nd November 2011
I LOVE the new photos!!! 8D It was so lovely speaking to you and you looked so so amazing as Noel!!! all that detail is superb and accurate!! Amazing work as always xx

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yami-no-neko - 2nd November 2011
oh wow. you look adorable. I really love the detail in your costume.

Awesome stuff XD

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Lady Bahamut - 2nd November 2011
Wow, you look so pretty! And it looked so good on the day X3 The guns look totally epic as well :O

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Waah, you look amazing in this cosplay! 8D I meant to go see the Blazblue group but totally lost track of time >< Wish I could have seen it in person, looks simply awesome! =D

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digibrute - 2nd November 2011
Your Noel is AMAZING!! :D

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Amy-Lou - 3rd November 2011
You look great! It's such a neatly made costume, also really like the effect of the tubing for ribbons.

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Ichigo-Chan - 3rd November 2011
Your Noel is full of awesome! You've done a great job on both the costume and bolverk. If I ever cosplay as Noel, I hope my sewing skills can reach your level.

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Limegreenjelly - 3rd November 2011
Love your Noel, you look absolutely stunning :D, sorry I never came back on Saturday :( I got caught up at the Arcana Heart stand.

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Natsumi - 17th November 2011
Glad I got to see this!! You looked amazing *_* and so pretty all at once! So awesome! X3

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sarmander - 18th November 2011
You looked positively fabulous as Noel! Really lovely outfit~ ^_^V

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Solaria - 12th January 2012
Seriously love you as Noel <3 I hope we can get some BB pics together sometime <3

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Anonymous - 14th January 2012
you make such a cute noel ♥

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Pandora-Chi - 10th February 2013
Seriously about time you got showcased! One of the most impressive Noel cosplays I've ever seen! Congratulations xx

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TheStarlightFairy - 10th February 2013

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Sephirayne - 10th February 2013
Amazing costume and congrats on the showcase :D

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Kei Lin Sama - 10th February 2013
Saw this in the showcase and had to say something. You look fantastic, both in your costume and your pose in each pic! Very nice!

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sarmander - 11th February 2013
Yaaay, it's about time you got showcased! =D

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 11th February 2013
Congrats on the showcase :D You totally deserve this. You make a gorgeous Noel :D

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Freyarule - 11th February 2013


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Om_nom_nom - 11th February 2013
CONGRATS ON THE SHOWCASE <3<3<3<3 Love Love Love

Littlegeeky avatar

Littlegeeky - 11th February 2013
Gosh you look amazing! Congratulations on the showcase!

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 16th February 2013
Well done on the showcase! You deserved to be on there! :D

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Zedela - 3rd March 2013
Fantastic job on Noel-chan! I love how you made your props! X33