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Just a record of my commissions and cosplays I've made for sale~

> Ouran High School Host Club; Boy's uniform x9 [10 including my own]
> Cardcaptor Sakura; Li Syaoran [Green Battle Uniform / including trousers, hat and shoes]
> Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Boy's uniform
> Magical Lyrical Nanoha Strikers; Nanoha
> Angel Beats; Girl's SSS Uniform 100%
> Mini Moni; Kago & Tsuji set 100%
> Tekken; Jin Kazama [Trousers only] 100%
> Magical Lyrical Nanoha Strikers; Nanoha [Final Battle Uniform] - 100%
> Pokémon; Miltank Plush - 100%
> Tales of Vesperia; Yuri [First Strike Uniform] - 100%
> Ouran HSHC; Lobelia uniforms (x3) - 100%
> P&SwG; Scanty & Kneesocks - 100%
> Hitman Reborn!; Uni hat - 100%
> Deadpool; weapons belt - 100%
> Negima!; Negi - 100%
> Tales of the Abyss; Luke - 100%
> Tales of the Abyss; Guy - 100%
> Broken Blade; Rygart Arrow - 100%
> ToraDora!; Taiga - 100%
> Assassin's Creed; Hellequin - 100%
> Dragon Age; Morrigan - 100%
> Toaru Majitsu no Index; Stiyr/Stiyl Magnus - 100%
> Silent Hill 2; James Sunderland - 100%
> Team Fortress 2; Blu Scout - 100%
> Vampire Knight; Girl's Uniform [Day] - 100%
> Battle Royale; Girl's Uniform - 100%
> Tales of the Abyss; Jade - 100%
> Gears of War; Anya - 100%
> Spiderman; T-shirt - 100%
> Earthbound; Jeff & Tony - 100%
> Madoka Magica; Homura - 100%
> Madoka Magica; Sayaka (Cape only) - 100%
> Dead or Alive 2; Helena - 100%
> Revolutionary Girl Utena; Utena - 95%
> Blue Exorcist; Shiemi (School uniform) - 100%
> Silent Hill; Murphy (Prison jumpsuit) - 100%
> Kore wa Zombie desu ka; Haruna - 100%
> Glee; Cheerios jacket - 100%
> Shadow of Memories; Margarete - 100%
> El Hazard; Makoto Mizuhara - 100%
> Panty and Stocking; Stocking (Formal dress) - 100%
> Homestuck; Military style jacket (fan design) - 100%
> AKB0048; Chieri (Pink concert) - 100%
> D.Gray Man; General Cross (Long black Coat) - 100%
> Avatar / Legend of Korra; Amon (Coat) - 100%
> Hatoful Boyfriend; Sakuya - 100%
> Brave 10; Isanami - 100%
> Umineko no Naku Koro ni; Siesta 45 - 100%
> Borderlands 2; Tiny Tina - 100%

Doll Clothing Commissions:
> MSD hoodie 100%
> MSD Joker suit 100%
> MSD Harley Quinn - 100%
> SD Sephiroth - 100%

Cosplays for sale:
> Angel Beats; Girl's SSS uniform x1
> Bleach; Girl's school uniform x2
> Cardcaptor Sakura; Winter Uniform x1
> Code Geass; Boy's uniform x1
> Code Geass; Girl's uniform x1
> Kingdom Hearts; Girl's uniform x1
> Kingdom Hearts; Boy's uniform x1
> Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Girl's uniform x2 (Summer & Winter)
> Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Boy's uniform x1
> Ouran High School Host Club; Boy's uniform x2
> Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt; Stocking dress x1
> ToraDora!; Girl's uniform x1
> Umineko No Naku Koro Ni; Battler x1
> Umineko no Naku Koro ni; Siesta 00 x1
> Vampire Knight; Girl's Night Uniform x1

Sold Cosplays:
> Bleach; Girl's school uniform x1
> Vampire Knight; Girl's Day Uniform x1
> Vampire Knight; Girl's Night Uniform x1
> Kingdom Hearts; Girl's uniform X1

Embroidery patches & commissions:
Angel Beats SSS patch
Aperture Science patch
ARIA company patch
Black Mesa patch
Blue Exorcist patch (anime version)
CCS Tomoeda patch
Code Geass patch
Ouran HSHC patch
Persona patch
Stellvia patch
Vocaloid Meiko detail
Vocaloid Rin & Len musical notes / trouser text
Commission - custom school badge


J-Po posted on 10 October, 2011 - 20:26
your costumes look great quality

Zep posted on 26 February, 2012 - 15:18
Oh hey ! 8D Manga dress Homura here! I will post pictures up of the cosplay on my account by Kita! Thank you again!

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Progress Journal

9th October 2012

D Gray Man ; General Cross (Coat only)

One of several commissions for Expo!

11th August 2012

Glee; Cheerios jacket

For a Glee convention!

11th August 2012

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka; Haruna (Uniform)

For a photoshoot :)

11th August 2012

Silent Hill; Murphy (Prison Jumpsuit)

Made for May Expo!

11th August 2012

Blue Exorcist; Shiemi Moriyama (School Uniform)

Made for May Expo!

18th April 2012

Dead or Alive; Helena

Hand delivered at Kitacon!

The embroidery on the tails is done in 3-panel sets, with satin stitch rather than my usual fill-in stitch :) The satin gave it a lovely shimmer as she walked and looked a lot more regal than the fill-in.

Overall I'm very proud of it!

8th March 2012

Earthbound ; Jeff & Tony (double commission)

Ordered as a set to make sure they match. The fabric took quite a bit of hunting to find anything close enough to the colour swatches I was sent - I checked out 6 different suppliers in the region to find it!

The pockets on both jackets are functional, and both shorts & trousers made extra long then handsewn into a rollup as requested by the customer.

21st February 2012

Madoka Magica ; Sayaka (Cape only)

I was asked to make a better cape for an existing costume, which hopefully I succeeded in! The original cape was a thin strip and didn't hang over the customer's shoulders like it should.
I asked for the original cape to be mailed to me so I could match the fabric and trim as closely as possible so the replacement cape wouldn't look out of place with the rest of the existing costume :)

10th February 2012

Madoka Magica ; Homura (manga dress)

Actually finished this a few days ago but thanks to flu I haven't been able to update! Got a couple of others to finish up for upload soon too~

30th January 2012

Spiderman : Mary Jane T-shirt

Another one done!

19th January 2012

Gears of War; Anya

Couldn't do a lot of sewing in December, so everything's getting done around the same time now! Just finished this one last night :)

23rd October 2011

Silent Hill : James Sunderland

I was given a challenge at Ayacon, could I make this jacket more accurately than the customer's previous one.
I think I managed it ;)
The bottom pockets are big enough to hold a videotape, as requested.
The breast pocket is functional and big enough to hold a torch.
The seams on the sides and back are all in the correct places and accurate rather than just topstitched lines.
The cuffs and sides have elastic and toggles on the inside to create the ruched effect.
The patches are all custom embroidered and carefully positioned.
And as requested, there is a hidden functional zip in the front!

22nd October 2011

Dragon Age: Morrigan (top & sleeve)

Just posted this one out today!

13th July 2011

Tales of The Abyss ; Luke

Just finished this one today, one of many for Ayacon!

29th December 2010

Nanoha Commission!

Photo from Amecon, taken by Blasteh, modelled by Taruto!

22nd August 2010

Angel Beats Commission! Almost done~

Finished the skirt of the Angel Beats uniform, embroidered the patch onto the sleeve, overlocked everything and started sewing it together...

Then found out I didn't have enough dark blue bias to finish it tonight -o-; Well done there Shido. Will be making a trip to Fenwick tomorrow to pick up some more along with the hook strip for Siesta 00 so I can finish both costumes tomorrow!
I'll be putting up an image tomorrow when they're all done :3

20th August 2010

Siesta 00 almost done~

After Ame I nabbed Siesta 00 back from Hitachiin to do some modifications.
* Buttons are now 90% done - just got to sew the small ones down the front of the black body piece.
* Closure - I have found a better way of getting it to close than poppers, need to nip to Fenwick to pick some supplies up once I'm capable of leaving the house again.
* Shirt sleeves - I completely forgot about attaching these before the con, so they're getting done today. All of the Siestas clearly have white shirt sleeves underneath the white jacket, and so I'm attaching a pair to the black underjacket to achieve the right effect.
* Bunny Ears - got to handsew these into the wig so they have better support.

Should be all done and ready for the photoshoot in the next week or so!

19th August 2010

Angel Beats Commission!

Despite having conflu, I've started working on the skirt of my current commission. The four blue panels have been cut, overlocked, mostly sewn together but for the zip section and hemmed.
I love the darker blue I have for it, it's a semi-plush material so it's beautifully soft to the touch and exactly the right colour.
Just got to size the pleats and gathers to the measurements so I can add the waistband and that will be done so I can start on the top!