Sheryl Nome (Star Date (Episode 5)) - Macorss Frontier




Hoping to get this done for JAF to go along with wiishmakers Ranka cosplay :)
I can't wait to cosplay sheryl again, I love cosplaying her so much~
We just need an alto to kidnap now ;D

Shorts - Preowned
Wig - Preowned
necklace - preowned
bangles - £2
2 meters light turquoise jersey - £8
1/2 meter dark turquoise jersey - £2
turquoise thread - 90p

Putting this in complete as this is proably as complete as its ever gonna get as i doubt i'll ever get the glasses and socks. Overall this was a very rush job i must admit as basically i got back from holiday yesterday and all i'd done previously is the headband and got the fabric and with JAF being tommorrow i had to make it all today =/ I discovcered i also didn't have enough of the light turquoise jersey so its not as baggy as it should be. The top was based on one i already own which is all one piece so this top is also all one pannel rather than being the 3 it should be.


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