Freya - Chobits




I've decided to add some of my older costumes that only got a brief outing in the end, but I think they should get some space on my little Island because they are important in building up my portfolio of costumes ^_^

When reading the Chobits manga I absolutely adored all of Freya's gorgeous outfits ^_^ I don't think I pulled off blonde very well with this costume, but it may have been because the wig was a fairly cheap one which I would certainly avoid a second time around! But I loved wearing the dress and its wonderful long train, and being able to walk around in socks all day long hehe ^_^


Mungojerrie posted on 11 May, 2008 - 17:44
Your Freya is so pretty!

Efia posted on 11 May, 2008 - 17:54
Thank you Freya, hehe ^_^ I'm glad you think so!