Red vs Blue: Halo

Cosplayer: Sutekhian

Variant: Mk VI armour

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

D-Con first place masquerade

Watch on Youtube

D-con 2011

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Anonymous - 22nd July 2010
lookin like a sexy mufukka man :) get that fukken costume to an event!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 22nd July 2010
Thanks dude! Trying to find something up here I can get to. Edinburgh Fringe and the local Furry Con seem my best options for the mo...

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Anonymous - 22nd July 2010
WOW! Amazing! ^^ kinda have question what are you using to make it D: i know have like paper/card template! but what do you put on after that to make it stronger O__O ?

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 22nd July 2010
Thanks! Well the initial frame is 200gsm card which I then painted with fiberglass resin, when that dried I lined the inside with fiberglass mat and resined that. Then on the bits I wanted smoothed I used car body filler

Ragepotato avatar

Ragepotato - 22nd July 2010
Mwaha, you are going to pwn. The neds will be shaking in their addidas!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 22nd July 2010
tyvm Phix! I can but hope :D

MasterJh117 avatar

MasterJh117 - 22nd July 2010
Looks awesome. One question: How's your Sarge voice? :P

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 23rd July 2010
lol thanks. Well I can do it a bit, just not for long periods ;)

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 29th July 2010
Looking good :D

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 29th July 2010
Thanks :) Just glad to finally get the visor stuck in there!

CyanideCustard avatar

CyanideCustard - 29th July 2010
you sir are my hero!

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 29th July 2010
BAH!! XD *chokes*
Progress looks ace! Cant wait to see this finished!
All you need now is Caboose for RvB times xD

- avatar

- - 29th July 2010
Omg! this is its amazing!!
Ace work so far. really can't to see it done. DX

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 29th July 2010
@Codename: Thanks man! Just doing what I can!

@Bambi: heheh thanks, so nearly there! I'd love to run into a Caboose, if any of my mates build I'm going to try and persuade them...

@Sachi: Thankyew, just lots and lots of time spent folding! Looks rougher in person I feel ;)

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LaLa_LuLu - 30th July 2010
that is so awesome ^0^

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- - 30th July 2010
Your welcome ~ also can i ask what you used to make this?
also if you run into Caboose, i wont be far behind you haha~! Still find this epic. Your progress gets better and better everytime i look.

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 30th July 2010
@Spicecake: Thanks!

@Sachi: It's a papercrafted suit, cardboard cut out and folded/glued in the shape of the game model. It's then re-inforced inside with fiberglass and some of the outside was coated with car body filler, sanded smooth with a mouse-sander then painted

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 30th July 2010
This looks absolutely awesome so far, I'm totally watching this for when it's complete. <3

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 30th July 2010
@My_Road thankyew! Hopefully should be ready and out in it in the next two weeks at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival :D

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Altair - 1st August 2010
Oh my christ that is looking Savagly Sexy! come to MCM in october or may! that is SICK!! it looks as if you have pulled it right out of Halo, also send a photo too redVSblue =D

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 1st August 2010
lol thanks! Can't get the hols in October but I'll try for May if I can! And ahh there's far far better suits out there, if I get the Meta suit done I'll send that in ;)

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Anonymous - 9th August 2010
"Glory glory to the Red team~"

You have no idea how happy this makes me xD And it's looking amazing! makes me wish I still had all my odst stuff :/

Keep up the good work!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 10th August 2010
heheheh, got to love Sarge!

Glad to hear! And thanks! Last few touches to put on this week and I'll be out around Edinburgh :)

Your ODST stuff was cool, what happened to it?

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Anonymous - 10th August 2010
Well my parents took it up for me and the other ODST'er, and we didn't really have the room to take it all back ourselves this time :/ so we had to chuck most of it, kept the helmets and a few small pieces just in case we want to re-do it though ^^;

Never know, I might try and make caboose one day xD;

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 10th August 2010
Awww darn! Ach well if you do Caboose we should do a double act ;)

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Anonymous - 10th August 2010
Deal :)

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Anggul - 10th August 2010
By the power of win! That's awesome =D

I promise I won't try to take the shotgun... for my own good...

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 10th August 2010
tyvm Anggul, should have completed photos up soon!

Ikkaku-kun avatar

Ikkaku-kun - 13th August 2010
v.v.nice work mate :) now make and light red xD

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 13th August 2010
lol thanks very much Ikkaku! Next one planned is a white one, the Meta. Though I'd like to do various alternative helmets for it :)

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 14th August 2010
Absolutely love it :D The detail is amazingly accurate!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 14th August 2010
thanks my_Road, I feel I could do better if I took more time so I'm working harder on the next :)

- avatar

- - 14th August 2010
Working harder on the next? HOLY FU-
If your gunna work harder on this its gunna be the best outfit EVAR >B|
like srsly a halo tard so this is just great, you have the armor perfect.

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 14th August 2010
Thanks Sachiko! To be honest up close it has little flawws that stand out a lot to me, the fold lines are visible in alot of it so I want the next to be much smoother. But then people down the street didn't seem to notice ;)

MasterJh117 avatar

MasterJh117 - 16th August 2010
That guy lent you a dirk to make the fight "fairer"? :P Any Spartan could kill that man with their bare hands! :P
Finished costume looks awesome :)

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 16th August 2010
Well, he was trying to be nice, was a cool guy to chat too. Much costume comparing!

J-Po avatar

J-Po - 29th September 2010
nothing really to say but EPIC :D

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 29th September 2010
Thanks FFGamerGirl! :D

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VampiricAngel - 6th March 2011
*spazzy flail* This is Amazing! 8D The armour looks spot on! Well done!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 6th March 2011
Thanks very much! :D

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Kata-san - 13th March 2011
Saw this in person at D-con and it was amazing!!! Congrats on winning the competition!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 13th March 2011
Thanks Kata! D-con was awesome, I was really proud to be in the group that won :)

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 19th March 2011
Oh wow! Awesome! I've just been Sarge'd 8D

Joshua avatar

Joshua - 19th March 2011
Fantastic kit! Brill.

k4tt avatar

k4tt - 19th March 2011
Gratz on the award mate!! Well deserved ^__^

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 19th March 2011
@Lady Bahamut lol, I seem to have misplace my shotgun though. Shotgun damnit...

@Joshua Thanks very much! It was a fantastic day out

@k4tt Thankyew, it was an honour to get up on stage with Keir and Phixix for that :D

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Kinreal - 5th June 2011
Saw this at D-con, looked awesome! :)

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 5th June 2011
@Plummer D'Con was awesome fun, really boosted my confidence there :)

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Anonymous - 14th July 2011
You have some seriously epic skills, man!

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 15th July 2011
Thanks r0cket!

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MasterJh117 - 18th July 2011
Bro, you probably know this but...
You're on Kotaku! :D My jaw hit the floor when i saw you on there. Well done, man! :)

Sutekhian avatar

Sutekhian - 18th July 2011
OHH MY GOD! No I didn't know O_O thanks for letting me know dude!!! And god, that's the crap one of the suits lol!

Valentine Cosplay Gaming avatar

Valentine Cosplay Gaming - 24th January 2016
Your costume look filimar ?

I took a photo of the red halo guy at london mcm may or october 2015 I think in my stars costume. I dunno if you might remember.

Amazing costume.