DearS, DearS - A Ball Of Gold

Cosplayer: Mtani

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

7th February 2010: Collar Collar has been completed (only needs hooks/clasps to keep it together in the back now).
Made out of furniture foam and leatherette. The triangle bit is made out of fimo.

...gawd I hate hand stitcing leatherette! My poor fingertips T_T

4th February 2010: A start?? *ghasp* Nia might be one of the cosplays I'm bringing for Amecon this year, so I've finally made a start! Woo! :D
Wig is bought, can't wait till I get it, so I can see if it will actually work for her XD
All materials are bought aswell, just need to start putting things together now ^_^

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 25th April 2008
haha still up for me doing xaki with u sometime hun hehe niaaaa

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 25th April 2008
*LOL* I really hope you will! =D Well, I'm going to have the costume ready soon, so let me know whenever you feel like doing Xaki ;)

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 25th April 2008
hmmm, depending on how tall i get and money altho im booked up for amecon I MIGHT be able to possibly get one together for then, cry its just thenew rocks are gona cost like 130 for his boots

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 25th April 2008
Yeah, it'll probably be quite an expensive costume to make.. Still, if you manage to get it done for Amecon, it would be great ^^ If not, what are your plans for the Oct Expo?

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 25th April 2008
Nia! i've always wanted to do her! i love DearS!

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 28th April 2008
well im doing renton from eureka seven and guan ping from dynasty warriors 6 for october, but i could crack xaki out then if i get it done haha its just the damn new rocks, haha the lycra and straps and belts wnt cost must as i can make them fromm themo pleather and lycra, haha but i wana bit of a pack on my stomach before i do xaki so ill start training haha, WE STILL SOO GOTA GET THT PICTURE OF U SITTING ON MY SHOULDER haah its gonna rock niaaaaaaa

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 29th April 2008
I'm game for a DearS grop cosplay! just say when! (just not the next 2 expos! >w<)

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 29th April 2008
sounds like a plan, well im definatly doing xaki, trying to get my girlfriend to do ren at the moment

Hexi avatar

Hexi - 29th April 2008
i'm good for lady fina, Io or China so which ever you need! ^^

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 30th April 2008
Wow! Awesome! Would love to see this group happen! :D I don't have many cosplays planned for next year yet, so just let me know when you guys are ready and want to do this ^^

ryaoki avatar

ryaoki - 30th April 2008

angel aiko avatar

angel aiko - 3rd May 2008
eeee!! i love DearS!! I'm planning to do Ren for next year (though plan to make it straight after October Expo)

I'll have to get a photo of you at Amecon :x

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 4th May 2008
*lol* I'll see if I can come up with some good poses then :P Can't wait to see your Ren! I've never seen anyone cosplay her in real life - or any other DearS characters for that matter ^_^ If we ever manage to get our costumes to the same expo or con, you'll be very welcome to join our group! :D You can see how far we've got in the planning above.. yeah.. not far XD

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 2nd September 2008
this would be awsome to see done

Adamoluna avatar

Adamoluna - 4th February 2010
XD its gonna look perfect on you. Can't wait to see! :3

Mtani avatar

Mtani - 9th February 2010
*LOL* we'll see XD It's one of the cosplays I've had planned since I first started cosplaying, so I've had the materials for it for ages, but for various reasons it's been pushed to the back. Now she's a priority as I want to complete her before my face look way too old for her XD

Speckles avatar

Speckles - 10th April 2010
Ah I reckon I will be doing Ren next May (next october I am doing perona and black rose though the BR is likely to change)

cowiee avatar

cowiee - 11th June 2011
DearS omg, amazing <33