Nouhime - Sengoku BASARA


Amecon 2010




I had a stupid amount of trouble with this costume. I figured I'd buy some red material, and gradient dye it black to get the effect that Nouhime has on her costume. Easy enough, right?

I'd researched dylon before, and found out it works well on polycotton, as long as it's about a 60% poly - 40% cotton blend.

Well, apparently the stuff I bought wasn't, as no matter what I did, the dye didn't take. Tab on the forums helpfully told me that acrylic inks would work well, but then I couldn't find anywhere that sold them for less than £5 for one small bottle, and (as i'd left the advice gathering so late) he never got back to me about diluting them. I didn't have enough time to buy more material, as I took so long making my mind up about what costumes to do, and I'd have to wait for the material to be delivered. The local shops had pure cotton for £5/m, and I needed 5 metres. Far too broke for that -_-

Luckily, 5 days before the con, my friend emily told me she could give me some white cotton drill. Not perfect, but it would have to do.

So I set about dying the material red, then black, and the finish i got was alright. It wasn't as good as i'd have liked, and I may remake this costume if I ever wear it again. The wig was a bit too small too, so my hair shows in a few pictures, but people were generally pretty complimentary of it when I kept thinking it looked AWFUL.

I enjoyed dying this material, to be honest. It was a challenge I was excited to face, but by the fifth attempt of changing something about the dye, I just wanted it to all go away. But now I know not to cheap out in the first place. If i'd just bought pure cotton in the first place, things would have been so much easier. I think i'll be going to better quality material over keeping the expense down next time around.


Felixize posted on 4 August, 2010 - 00:52
This so hard. SOOOOOO HARRRRRRRRD. And... I really can't wait to see it 8D

Pez posted on 4 August, 2010 - 10:43
The design looks gorgeous, I hope everything will work out! Dyeing can be tricky enough, gradient dyes are worse. DX

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