Orca Squadron F-302 pilot (my own based on SG) - Stargate SG-1,Atlantis





I'm looking to put together an airman/pilot uniform as seen in the awesome tv show Stargate SG-1 and SGA. Usually these uniforms are worn by the crew from the Daludeas/Steven Cadwell/Samantha Carter/Pilots and also Walter i think to.

I'm adding my own patch on there,the orca squadron patch i designed based on a SG fanfic which was going to be a cross between Stargate and the game Ace Combat.It was a story that was going to follow a squadron of 4 pilots and they we're the Orca Squadron. But i haven't written it yet or think that i ever will. I'm not much of a writer lol.

So far i got the pilot suit and i got for only $10! So awesome. It is used and it seems that the previous owner may of painted in it or something as there are some splats of paint on it but it's not to bad.

All i need to do is find some of the patches they use in Stargate the Shoulder patches and find a place that makes custom patchs so i can get my orca Squadron patch made.

In the future i do hope to find a pilot helmet.It would be so sweet!!


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