Kirenenko - Usavich


Who has ever heard of Usavich? Probably no-one on this site. Oh well, it was a laugh of a costume to wear. The Japanese tourists sure loved us, as did one Ronald MacDonald cosplayer who made our Expo. <3
The material took a long time to find, as we needed matching red and green (for Putin), of the same fabric and stripe width. :B Ikea was our saviour, and after that the costumes were very speedily made.
The ears were difficult, but in the end I made them work using a cage of wire sewn onto the wig (cleverly disguised), which supports the weight of the ears and keeps them upright.
Kirenenko is my favourite Usavich character, so I was happy that the opportunity arose to cosplay him, much thanks to my Putin and Boris. <3

Anonymous posted on 10 August, 2010 - 00:28
Hi :3 You guys look soooooo cute its not even fareā™„ I love usavich and yes Kireneko is DEFF the best character lol tho Boris is pretty cool too xD My friend wants to be kirenenko but she's having trouble finding the right fabric for the stripes i guess their all too close together or something :/ i see u found them on Ikea do you know if they still have the type of fabric? if so could you send me a link pretty please >.<

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