Serah Farron
Final Fantasy XIII

Cosplayer: XHarmonySpiritX

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

21st October 2010: Completed :) Serah Farrons Costume Completed <3

16th October 2010: So Close To Being All Done <3 I've been working my bum off today doing my costume and I've nearly done ! :)
I did most of the costume today! I did the top, skirt, socks, black lace and jusy everything lol I only need to do some little bits to the costume and all that will be done on Wednesday and then I've got the whole costume done :D then I will (Like I've promised) put a photo up of my costume :) I love my costume very much! and I think I've found the perfect shoes for Serah! <3 Thank you Nana and my boyfriend Lloyd for helping me with some bits !!

4th September 2010: Nearly Got Everything I've finly got some more material for my Serah (: as none of my family would help me I had to borrow some money off my boyfriend what I don't like to do and got some bits! I got 5 black buttons, hair tie with the little bits, and the black bracelet and I had to borrow some left over material from my boyfriend! he was going to use the material next year for his next cosplay..but he can't do that anymore! Thanks Lloyd<3

10th August 2010: Getting Started...Slowly (: Hey Guys!
So far on my Serah cosplay, I haven't done much! I got some material for my Serah when I was on holiday with my family..I found some great material that I think will look great! :) and of course I have the wig! I need to cut the wig though and make it look like Serah's hair in the game :)

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- - 19th July 2010
Cute serah so far. Ooo i see your going to oct expo as her. I'll be as fang and lightning.. (maybe)

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 19th July 2010
Thank you very much <3
Yes i'm going to the October expo :) I can't wait to go, as I miss the May expo :(
Oh that would be awesome!! Fang and Lighting are so cool (:

Creative-Stitches avatar

Creative-Stitches - 1st August 2010
Wig looks great! ^^
Look forward to seeing you in Oct. I'll be going as Hope :)

My__RoadOfBlood avatar

My__RoadOfBlood - 5th August 2010
The wig looks lovely :3
I'm going as Vanille in October ~ <3

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 8th August 2010
Oh that's so awesome guys! :3
I'm going as Serah (You guys already know that) lol and my boyfriend is going as Snow :3 He's got his costume already! I can't wait! :3
I bet all of your costumes are going to look great!

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Sasashie - 11th August 2010
your wig looks awsum hun cant wait to see this =] x

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 11th August 2010
Thank you very much :) x

Ichigo-Chan avatar

Ichigo-Chan - 21st October 2010
You look so cute as Serah

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 21st October 2010
Thank you very much <3

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- - 22nd October 2010
Looking very adorable there...sis.

Haha glad you got it done. Did you get that tattoo working too? I hope my advice helped ~ <3

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 22nd October 2010
Thank you very much...sis lol <3
Yeah I got the tattoo to work lol It really hurts when I take it off though, hah my arm was red for the night ! :O
Yes your advice really helped me ^^ thank you so much *Hugs* :)

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Zelda - 23rd October 2010
Naww you make such a cute serah.

XHarmonySpiritX avatar

XHarmonySpiritX - 24th October 2010
Thank you very much <3 Hopefuly I'll take some photos soon and lose some weight to make the costume look even better!! xD