Shizuo Heiwajima - Durarara!!


Amecon 2010


Something simple for Friday of Amecon. =3 To go with the cosplay my sister is doing for Ame~

He looks like an awesome character and shall be catching up with the series before then 8D Totally my type of character~

goodbyeworld posted on 14 July, 2010 - 00:30
This pleases me.

MoonLily posted on 14 July, 2010 - 01:16
Perfect choice, you'll suit him so well! And the friday too? I'm Durararaing in the afternoon! I shall hunt you down! >D

Solaria posted on 14 July, 2010 - 07:51
8D Shizuchan!

bakurakat posted on 14 July, 2010 - 13:55
SHIZUCHAAAAAAAAN~ oh hi there :D i see you are my most hated rival Friday of Ame.. I shall see you there~

CGOPbleachbabe posted on 9 August, 2010 - 22:58
oooooooooft Shizuo <333

MadameLapin posted on 6 September, 2010 - 21:41
Your Shizuo is practically perfect! You suit him so much.... it's almost scary. Shizuo is my fave, so much love for this costume 8D

sarmander posted on 6 September, 2010 - 21:45
Oh my gosh, wonderful Shizzy-chan! *___*

Zelda posted on 6 September, 2010 - 22:36
This looked really awesome, and loving the pictures =D

xLaviChii posted on 19 February, 2011 - 22:56
wow, you look epic as Shizzy <3

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