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Jill Valentine (STARS Uniform) - Resident Evil 1




I do quite enjoy the Resident evil series, though yes I have only really actually played the first one and even then, as usual with horror games, I suck at playing it, but have watched videos on the games.
So I decided on the STARS Uniform rather than the casual clothes as it seemed more interesting.
Hoping to also get this done to be Jill with Luke aka Blind Tonberry as Chris Redfield, though unsure of when as of yet XD


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Progress Journal

3rd October 2010


Sorry that there hasn't been any photos, I really should put some up >.<
Well all that's left is for me to finish the shoulder pads, Dad will be working on the rocket launcher when he can though he's not been well DX
Still not sure about what to do for the box pouch on her belt, since i can't find anything that shape and I'm not 100% certain on how to make it.