Blind Mag (Promo Poster Blind Mag) - Repo! The Genetic Opera





My favourite depiction of Blind Mag from the 2008 Repo! film was actually in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it promotional poster for Blind Mag in concert. Sarah Brightman as Mag wears a large red top hat, elbow length black gloves and a black camisole.

Since those elements of the costume are the only visible parts, I've taken inspiration from other Blind Mag costumes to complete the unseen parts of the cosplay. I'll be wearing a black underbust corset and a tutu (feathered if I can find the right feathers) similar to the ones worn by Blind Mag during the Chromaggia scene, and as the Repo! costume designer has said in interviews that in many scenes Blind Mag wore collars and cuffs to represent her bondage to the Largo family and to GeneCo, I'll be adding these elements to the cosplay as well.

What will be additionally challenging is that I will be bringing my Volks Super Dollfie Megu to the event as well wearing a miniaturised version of my cosplay. As well as sourcing items for my outfit, I'm going to have to find and make items for her so that we match!


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