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Worn AtNone




i just really want to show of my sexy new red contacts plus ive not won this mask in ages ^_^

here is some picys of how i made my weapons wiring and all ^_^


Uni posted on 24 April, 2008 - 07:05
Looking good XD Can't wait to see the whole costume together at Expo!

ryaoki posted on 24 April, 2008 - 08:21
haha how were they to get in buddy

TheInkOfDoom posted on 6 June, 2009 - 12:06
Wow...This looks amazing! Great job so far! 8D

Mocha-Berrytan posted on 19 August, 2009 - 21:32
How did you do the tattoo? I'm cosplaying Revi from Black Lagoon and I'm not sure how exactly to do the tattoo.