Psyduck - Pokemon




This is my psyduck costume! <33 Yes, I LOVE Psyduck, he is my fave pokemon ever :DDD
I got the shoes from shoezone manny years ago and figured it would be great to go as psyduck to something, seen as I had the duck feet. So I looked for a hat to make into a beak and found a great template on the interent with a card thingy you attached to a cap! So basiaclly I did that and then used my yellow top and trousers (that I used for my Kero cosplay-aha recycling!!:D) and ta da!!! Psy~aye~aye!! I wore this to my local manga night in Oct'09 and to The May London Expo.
PS. Please excuse the awful photo-its the only one I have of the full costume, and without anyone else in it.


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