Jericho Blain (BSAA/STARS oc) - Resident Evil series



This is my own creation of a B.S.A.A Europe operative from Resident Evil, his name is Jericho Blain, I have based most his character and appearance on Jack Bauer from the TV series 24. His primary weapon is a sawn-off pump action shotgun (A Remington 870) and his primary sidearm is a H&K USP (A favourite of Jack Bauer) and his secondary sidearm is a Glock 33 Subcompact.

Progress: I've got everything except the BSAA patch.

I have the shotgun (my pride and joy :D) H&K USP, Glock 33 subcompact, trousers, leg holster, tactical vest, long sleeved top and boots.

I hope to premier this costume at the London MCM Expo in October 2010!!(on the Sunday, at the Resident Evil photo shoot 12 noon out on the grass in front of the expo centre!)

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Paint weapons
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Buy Tactical Vest
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