Costume :Claire Redfield
Variant :code veronica - black choker [RETIRED]
Source :Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
Progress :Complete
Worn At :None

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the Redfields

Claire Redfield

Darkside Chronicles

Claire - Code Veronica

Code Veronica


Claire Redfield



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Worn to:

London MCM expo May 2010
London MCM expo October 2010
Kitacon III


Thank your for the comment on my elektra outfit i really liked your Claire Redfield too :) ... I think u got tagged in a picture with me on FB. Hope to see you at Oct's expo

by redheadgirl on Monday, 23 August, 2010 - 13:19


friday expo (Posted 15th October 2010)

so I've decided to go as Claire again on the friday of the expo, mainly because its already finished and its easy and comfy to wear on the journey down.
I'm slightly altering it for the weather though, instead of te black t-shirt I'm wearing a wool vneck black top (its warmer) and some different jeans as my original ones have stains from purple hair dye on them, as well as different boots that don't fall off as much.

jacket (Posted 12th September 2010)

okay, so I'm re-making the jacket, the first one was a little too tight and wasn't as easy to move in as I'd like, I was too busy being conscious of my belly rolling out the bottom >.<
so I'm bidding on a new jacket which is bigger and is a zip up front (like from darkside chronicles version) instead of buttons (like original CV version) and I'm going to use my old one for my BSAA Claire as I'll either have it unbuttoned or a longer top on underneath and will be adding a knife holster to the front of it.

(I'm also hoping to find a decent enough jacket to use for making Claire from 2 but no luck so far)