Medusa (Original manga) - Soul Eater




Well, let's face it. Medusa is pretty damn awesome. She locks her child up in a room for the fun of it, gets sexy with Stein (insanity, dontcha know), revives a hilarious Kishin, fights with vectors and snakes, got cut in half and was totally cool with it and the list goes on.

Plus she has a swishy tail, and I like swishy tails.

So, like... making a fitted jumpsuit, using as few panels as possible in a plain black. Sounds pretty easy, right? OH WAIT NO. Because the few material panels you use have to fit exactly, and then there's all the gusseting needed to prevent gathering around my butt, and the tucks to make it fit my back right, and then the fact that I needed to fit a zip down the back whilst retaining a hood.

... That hood is detachable, by the way. It's pretty nifty, I used poppers and buttons and everything~

My metal arm bracelets are just too much fun to fiddle with~!


amecos posted on 8 July, 2010 - 21:36
Wow. I have to say it was freaky rummaging through the cosplay photo's and seeing myself in the background! (I'm the maka by the way) + I just have to say, your Medusa is spot on! Wig, bracelet... Just everything! :D I'm so glad I got some pictures with you :)

Clood posted on 23 July, 2010 - 23:35
O: Maka~ You looked so adorable <3 Wao, I can imagine. That must be strange, especially when it was such a while ago~ But thankyouuu <3 Medusa is probably one of the most comfortable cosplays I have (... despite the lack of shoes; oh god, the caterpillars that one year), so it'll probably get worn again x3