Axel - Kingdom Hearts CoM + 2




I, again, have to admit to the wonders of Ebay.
I did not make the coat, pleather is too expensive for a newb like me to experiment on and thats that, so I bought one. Relatively cheap at £60 and it does the job.

I took on the challenge of Axel because my friend, Caz, got me into the game. From a simple 'getting into' I became obsessed and in turn made some of my friends play it. I had known about Kingdom Hearts (I watched my bro complete 1 =3=) and the organisation were somewhat familiar (again, my brother wanted a coat and so showed me who they were) but after actually playing KH2 it was like 'ZIP OBSESSION', though i have yet to defeat Sephiroth D':

Me and Caz then decided quite a while ago to be Roxas and Axel, and although i bought the coat in November I only just got the wig sorted out. Took me about 3 hours of hairspraying and shouting at gravity, but I'm proud. This is the second version, the first wig looks like some red kind of DBZ char.
I love the character and apparently I act like him too, which means being IC shouldn't be hard XD But the costume is so fun to wear, I wear the coat down town all the time!

Bring on May!


Littlegeeky posted on 26 April, 2008 - 21:07
Your wig looks so awesome epp, I hope I'm able to style my Axel wig as good as that! You make such an awesome Axel XD

Littlegeeky posted on 1 May, 2008 - 21:16
Oh wow, thankyou so much for the help :D Hopefully I'll get started in the summertime! Again you make an AWESOME Axel XD

animeaddict posted on 26 May, 2008 - 16:43
your wig is glowing ^_^

Yuka posted on 29 May, 2008 - 11:46
Best of luck to your brother on his Bridget cosplay! Your Axel cosplay looks great, too! :D

JakeX posted on 6 September, 2008 - 01:21
*pokes* can i just love you please. So many axel cosplayers and i love them all xD

BadAssUke posted on 6 September, 2008 - 22:52
zomg...your cosplay is just made out of win lmao =3 you make a very impressive axel ^-^ you rock xD <3

sjbonnar posted on 8 October, 2008 - 11:27
An amazing Axel ^_^

Wildeth posted on 24 January, 2009 - 17:52
Fricking epic x3