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I want to do him someday >:D
For a certain someone ;D

You two will always be in the tokkei in my heart <333

The Captain of the Third Brigade of the Tokkei.
is right eye is green and his left eye is blue.

^ from MAL

I have no idea how to make something so lovely like this OTL
May take a few years 8D

edit/// Oh man looking again his hair reminds me of the one and only Shizuo 8D

I don't think I can get coloured contacts unless I go blind ;3; Prescription lenses are so expensive ;3; And I haven't tried double layering lenses yet 'cause the sound of that seems hard and I'm like impatient OTL
But he must have lenses >_>

//brought outfit in the end c: and brother did him instead woo \ o / well I was Usagi and sister was Rami~


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