Clive Winslet - Wild Arms 3

In Progress


A cosplay of me as Clive Winslet from the old PS2 game Wild Arms 3. He happens to be my favorite character in the whole game. So why not cosplay as him?

- Got red bow
- Cut sleeves off of jacket to make it fit better in shoulders
- Sewed on hook and eye clasps (took forever and looks ugly, luckly it's on the inside.)
- Took pockets off the coat since his doens't have any.

Thing(s) That Need Done
- Worry about the trench coat
- Find a place and meterials to build the rifle
- Worry about boots and belts
- Buy fabric and stiffening to make the actual white collar on the vest (What I am using now is not what I will be using for the finished product.)
- Buy a wig or cut and dye my hair like his.

It was taken in my friend's room at college. Heh heh heh. Ichigo is in the background!

MangaChild posted on 11 July, 2010 - 15:55
Good start so far bud i really like the choice of fabric for the vest :)

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