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Worn AtLondon MCM Expo October 2010




I will be cosplaying as a player in Brotherhood of Steel Power armour :D complete with Pip-Boy ^^

I am making this for myself and another for a freind ^^


punk_m.i.a posted on 15 August, 2010 - 19:06
Cant wait to see what it looks like when its finished, Planning on going to the expo as the lone wanderer/vault dweller

RelentlessKay posted on 3 September, 2010 - 18:11
Ahhh cool =] Hopefully i will see you :D

Progress Journal

Not finished (Posted 17th September 2010)

LOL well realisticly i dont think this is going to be finished by october lol so i decided to cosplay Ventus from kingdom hearts birth by sleep instead =] should be done by may expo tho ^^