Simon (Older version) - Gurren Lagann




After watching the amazing Gurren Lagann, I really wanted to give the older version of simon a go. I may be joining a group for this cosplay but for now I am still happy to do this cosplay alone until I can confirm this. This cosplay will not be ebay bought and be made up of verious fabrics, If I am unable to do this I am gonna try and make Kaminas cosplay instead which is slightly simpler but I should be able to make the cosplay in time.

I have started on the star glasses and testing different ways of making them but it is going very well ^^. The only part of the cosplay which i may buy is the boots since I am unable to make them myself. The wig will most likely be bought of a shop like cosworks and cut by a friend of mine Golfy who has said she can help me style it.


ladywhitetiger posted on 3 July, 2010 - 21:42
Oh gosh. Simon <3 ffff <3 Probably my favourite outfit of his too XD hope you're having fun with the star glasses X'D You'll be an awesome Simon! 8DD

RuneKaiser posted on 3 July, 2010 - 22:24
Mine too, just such a epic anime I had to do it just because I pray to my god Kamina everyday ^^. I hope I can pull it off, its one of the cosplays i am looking forward to the most ^^