Colette Brunel
Tales of Symphonia

Cosplayer: KiraraYumi

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

11th September 2012: Back in Action! After a VERY long hiatus from this cosplay, I've finally started working on her again (thank you to everyone who prodded me about Colette at Ame for the motivation xD)
My skills were just no back when I started this, so when I took the 'dress' out of the wardrobe for the first time in ages I decided to seam-rip ALL of it and make it not look like a bag.
So so far I have done that, reshaped the whole dress, adjusted the v-neck and now I'm sorting out all the blue detail~

31st March 2011: No Kita for Colette Due to my sewing machine missing ESSENTIAL PIECES because the people who sold were stupid, I couldn't actually sew anything in time for Kita...I tried, I bought a mini machine, but it would take a looooooooong time and be stressy and the final product would look crap. And I don't want to mess this cosplay up, noooooo way. Gonna wear her for Japan Expo for sure! 83

In progress news, I have practically everything cut out, save for the boot covers. That's a lot though, especially for only a few hours work, as cutting is what takes me the longest xD

Solaria avatar

Solaria - 14th July 2010
8D Colletey~
Cant wait to see :3 ToS is my fave Tales of so far x3

TheStarlightFairy avatar

TheStarlightFairy - 13th December 2010
Aaaaah there needs to be more Colette love in the world ^^
Cant wait to see this, and your group!

Devil_Trigger avatar

Devil_Trigger - 4th April 2011
This will be epic win 8D there never seems to be enough Colette love in the world >=

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th October 2011
Symphonia cosplay for the win! Good luck, bet it'll look great! I eventually plan to do Lloyd, and my mate has already cosplayed Zelos.

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 24th October 2011
And I was coaxed into doing Kratos by theisaak89 some time for a ToS group. I thought about it and had to add him here.

Looking forward to seeing it Kirara!

LemonPanda avatar

LemonPanda - 21st August 2012
when you come back from spanish land....we should do this. :B

Dark_Angel_15 avatar

Dark_Angel_15 - 11th September 2012
ooo looking forward to seeing this, I could be Kratos for you when you do this?

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 25th July 2013
Aw, you're gonna be the cutest Colette ever!

BladeyCakes avatar

BladeyCakes - 25th July 2013
Oooh I'm sure this is going to look great! 8D

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 5th September 2013
Hehe I am so excited to see this <3

Raye-chan avatar

Raye-chan - 4th October 2013
Yes!! Colette! I'm planning on Sheena for the Friday at Kitacon! :D I would love for us all to get a group together x

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 5th October 2013
Can't wait to see you guys do this :P ONE day, I shall join as Lloyd-meister :P

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 16th January 2014
I'm planning on wearing Kratos on the Sunday of Kitacon, and Yuri with someone on the Saturday if I'm allowed to join a small group in the masquerade (with Sisceal), but as for the rest of it? No idea. Let me know when you're going to do her! ^_^