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Amecon 2010




This is one of those "Yes! No...yes! No...Yes I'll do her! No, I won't...dammit her design is awesome, I'm making it!" kinda costumes. She's totally evil with no reason at all, just plain bad-ass ;)

I've always been torn between the character of Allegretto, or the design of Rondo being my favourite - eventually decided that Rondo would be far more fun to make, and certainly a challenge! I've made gauntlets and small pieces of armour before, but this will be the most armoured costume I've attempted yet. (So, I'm working up to Griffith from Berserk veeeery slowly XD) This costume has been put off and off for various reasons, but trying to make it for Amecon to form a bad guy posse with Amy-Lou and Odangochan.

All progress/thinking stuff in the journal....will try and keep it updated!


cowiee posted on 30 June, 2010 - 22:38
This will turn out great, i just know it! <33

Delusional posted on 18 July, 2010 - 20:36
Haha, no pressure at all! ;) Thanks hon - I'm really hoping I can get it done in time :)

Mighty Odango posted on 19 July, 2010 - 12:06
Don't worry - you're still way ahead of me :P

MangaChild posted on 25 July, 2010 - 11:08
This will be epic :D

Chibi posted on 26 July, 2010 - 02:18
Wow this is gonna look so nice ^^ Also, I'm amazed at your craft foam skills, mine never look that good! I'd love to see a craft foam tutorial by you sometime XD

Heero Masaki posted on 5 August, 2010 - 23:15
Progress is looking amazing! Your methods are impressive and interesting.

Sephirayne posted on 19 January, 2011 - 02:18
Looking amazing. I can't wait to see this finished. I do love your craft foam making skills.

NatalieNoodles posted on 12 June, 2011 - 23:06
Wow the progress looks great on this! :) I'm making Polka for October expo so whenever you get Rondo done maybe we could have photos?

RebaSephiroth2 posted on 30 June, 2011 - 16:04
This is brilliant, well done. ^_^

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Progress Journal

5th August 2010

Safety first!

Okay now I'm just pissing around with my camera.

I live on the 4th floor of a building, have no garden and no balcony/roof. I also live with two non-cosplaying housemates. This means that everything I do needs to be done in my bedroom, which can be a bit of a health hazard ;)

I avoid spray painting as much as possible, but sometimes it's the easiest and quickest way! So I set up a kind of extraction fan area so I could spray without being fumigated - and it works pretty well :) Okay I won't be doing full suits of armour up here, but small things are fine.

But this is actually progress honest, as here is her waist chain belt thing being primed ready for spray painting. Could not find any black plastic chain anywhere (under £30 for 25m or something anyway) so I bought some grey stuff to paint. I didn't want to use metal as that'll weigh the top down. Tonight I started the black coats on top.

4th August 2010


Okay! For some reason I got really anal about the triangles on her sleeves and didn't want any sewing lines on them. As I obsessed about them for hours (for no apparent reason!) have some photos.

I mocked up the shape using the power of maths and paper, and drew out the pattern on acetate. I then sewed it using big stitches to the 'wrong' side of my stretchy material of choice. Placing it on top of a second layer of fabric, I then sewed around the acetate about 1-2mm away from the edge, and trimmed it as close as possible. Once turned inside out it means they hold their shape really well, and the 'inside' piece of fabric pulls the other one across, meaning no stitches are visible from the outside.

Okay that probably doesn't make any sense but I was happy! I used acetate because I needed it to be a little sturdy (to hold the shape seeing as the stretchy material is flimsy) and also be able to heat it to a curve, while it not being completely rigid. It was also the easiest thing I have to hand that would do the job ;)

1st August 2010

This weekend, I made a lot of mess.

Okay, so I kinda failed to do anything during the week really. Bad idea seeing as we only have 2 weeks left! Got back into gear at the weekend though, and spent Sat & Sun making a lot of mess in my room.

I made a start on the shoes finally, but at the moment they look like a pile of foam, mess and more mess, and nothing like they should right now - will pop photos up once they look better! I've also 90% completed the shoulder armour, just need to attach the bits together, and work out a fitting system for the shield. Pic to the left of the shield, ready for painting. Made the same way as the rest of the armour - built up in many layers of funky foam and heated for the curve. The seams I put in it to make it more curved are luckily hidden by the design!

To try and get her ridiculous proportions I'm wearing a corset under her outfit, so I spent about an hour trying to lace myself up and then measuring it (so I don't have to put it on every time I fit the top corset >.<) I always wanted a corset, after trying this on for an hour or so, I've changed my mind - I like my internal organs where they are, thank you!

25th July 2010

Sunday: Episode 2 - Revenge of the funky foam.

Okay so according to Amy-Lou my last entry was depressing, so have some progress at the end of the day ;)

Spent a long time experimenting with materials today to work out how to do her 'claws' and the diamond shapes everywhere. In the end what worked well was using wonderflex to make the shape, then covering it with acetate that I nicked from my old work back in Salisbury. (Working with reprographics = brilliant off cuts!) It means the shapes are really sturdy but still very light, and shouldn't be fragile - and the acetate means I don't have to spend the next three years gesso'ing and sanding the wonderflex. Example nail I made in the bottom of the pic. Have to make 20 of the buggers....

The rest of the day was spent working out her stupid gauntlets, which change in every pic! I've gone more with the CG art as it seems to fit a human hand better, all the plates are cut out and shown to the left, just missing a few of the spikes. You can just see a half finished bracer in the pic too. I'm getting there!

I think I'm mainly adding these entries to make myself think I've done more than I actually have! It's working ;)

24th July 2010


Argh, feels like I&#039;m getting nowhere! Mainly been sorting out little bits and planning the armour, as such though it&#039;s hard to cross anything off my to-do list! I&#039;ve been making the essential things like shorts to go under her skirt to help keep my dignity, etc - but they don&#039;t make it look like I&#039;ve gotten any further.

Hopefully this means I&#039;ll have a day when I finish everything off and manage to cross everything off at once. I now have materials to make all the diamond/spike things and her swords, I&#039;ll be starting the latter when I&#039;ve made good progress on her armour.

So as nothing looks good photographed yet, have a picture of me making a lot of mess (top leg straps and the outer part of the bracer in progress) and how I spent a lot of yesterday, just staring at pictures trying to work out how everything will work!

18th July 2010

Amy-Lou is still winning! Gah!

Gotta keep up the momentum with this one, all the little bits are taking so long!
This weekend's progress has been good with working out problems, but not a great deal to show, sads!

Currently finishing off her stockings and planning the dimensions of the swords, although yesterday was spent on starting the armour. I created the knee guard and two of the bracer layers from funky foam using the paper mock up, so I'm getting somewhere.

I cut notches in the foam to make a curved shape and glued them together with contact adhesive (black insulation tape there holding it while it dried!) I added foam strips at the back over the seams to reinforce them, and used the fabric & PVA/water glue method to stiffen it. Took about a day to dry, but it's a lot stronger now! I won't be doing this on all the pieces, just the flatter ones that could get bent through movement, or need to hold themselves up. The middle part of the bracers (last image) were just two layers of funky foam glued together with added details, and used a heat gun to permanently bend them. Also melted a paintbrush, whoops.

15th July 2010

Well, it's *still* progress...

Okay, managed to convince myself to continue tonight! I'm way behind in the progress battle. Got the hand part of the gloves sewn (bits I did the other evening were the arm/sleeve bits she has) and planned how the gauntlet will attach.

Completed paper mock ups of the gauntlet, inside bracer and the knee guard - time for funky foam!

Panicking over the wig. Hairstyling is something I do not do! (Couldn't even put my own hair in a straight ponytail when it was long....)

11th July 2010

Progress battle with Amy-Lou: START!

Okay, so we're finally off the marks for making these Eternal Sonata costumes (Amy got a head start - she looks all innocent, but she's a cheater!)

So far sewing wise I have the skirt done and the base gloves/stockings. They don't photo well on their own though so here's the first thing I made, the heart for the back of her costume. I forgot I just bought a camera so the first steps are missing, but I cut the rough shapes out of funky foam (about 6-7 layers?) and used contact adhesive to stick 'em together. I used a dremel and hand sanding to get the layers in line with each other, and painted it with black gesso (pic 1). Used a crack filler (pic 2) to smooth out the bits that were hard to get to with the dremel, sanded again and then gave it a few coats of the antique gold paint (pic 3). Finished off with the burgundy colour and acrylic varnish for pic 4.

I used funky foam because it was easy, not fragile and most importantly - feather light, as it has to hang off a chain and not drag it down too much.