Code Geass

Cosplayer: KiraraYumi

Variant: Ashford uniform

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

17th October 2010: It was done, but now it's more done The wig has been styleeeeed. If you consider simply putting it into pigtails styled, that is! xD I just loooooove wearing this thing! It's old so I don't have to be careful while wearing it >w<
You can see the netting at the back of the wig...that's because this thing is 3 years old and not very well looked after xP Poor thing, I feel bad now...

16th July 2010: Uniform's in! My uniform came in today, and it is lovely!! Best $56 I ever spent, the quality is great, much better than I expected! I bought it from Milanoo, highly recommend their cosplays^^
Anyways, put it on and took a few snaps of it with my cam-eh-ra.
Practially complete now, just need to find socks and make the hair ribbons~

29th June 2010: Wig~ How my wig looks with a little bit of hacking with a brush...also attacking it with a comb now too, but a brush is my main weapon. The bottom is going to be tough to fix since it;s still messed up from when I last put it in pigtails. Nice to not care about the method I use to fix this thing since it;s 3 years old now xP
Also, the color is brighter in real life than in the photo.

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Anonymous - 29th June 2010

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Anonymous - 29th June 2010
october pwease?

stupid comp blocked out the rest of the comment ¬¬

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KiraraYumi - 29th June 2010
Haha, no problem^^
I'm going to try to order the uniform this week and I'll try my best to make it on Friday at Expo, I really want to cosplay Geass with you guys! T-T

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Anonymous - 29th June 2010
i really hope u can, would be awesome!!!

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InfiniteJester - 12th December 2010
aw u look really awesome as her!

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Dark_Angel_15 - 9th January 2011
ohh cool CC, I think I may of seen you at EXPO, Bugger, I was Kallen in Black Knights Costume I was walking about with a Zero. >_<

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Pandora-Chi - 8th June 2011
I managed to have time to watch this series recently so now I can comment and say you make a really adorable C.C!! 8D I really fancy eating pizza now lol x

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Storme - 19th July 2011
\o/ A lovely CC!